May 20, 2012

Night Hike Alert! Five Big Lessons from the Eclipse.


The Sun will be eclipsed on May 20, 2012, at 6 degrees Taurus. Many in the West coast of the U.S. can observe it in the early evening hours.

This eclipse is a part of the Saros cycle 128—the last iteration (1994) coincided with Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” being recovered after being stolen for three months and Nelson Mandela being sworn in as South African’s first black president. The painting just sold for a record 120 million dollars. There is no coincidence that “The Scream” was in the headlines 18 years ago when the last Saros 128 eclipse occurred.

The previous Saros 128 eclipse to that one was in April 1976—just as Barbara Walters named the first female news anchor on a major station and a new company called “Apple computer” began and the first Apple was assembled.

Now there are similar themes of women, creativity, cultural and artistic progress mirrored in the themes being discussed in this current cycle.

May 20, 2012, Solar Eclipse Occurs at 6 Taurus

Ketu (South Node) / Sun in Taurus:
A Solar eclipse shows action initiated. The South node shows completion, scrutiny and intense concentration of that action. In this case, actions are concentrated around Taurus issues. They include wealth and luxury, personal / cultural values, as well as specific expressions of these things, which may include food choices, shopping habits (an expression of our values).

The Sun rules leaders, kings, presidents and the government. We have seen here in U.S., a foreshadowing of the 2012 presidential election. There is a heavy emphasis on social issues. President Obama recently, openly supporting gay marriage is an example. Advertisements portraying Mitt Romney as a cold and heartless businessman (Bain Capital Ad). Also, there was news of plans from a Republican super PAC to dredge up the “Reverend Wright” issue against Pres. Obama.

I would not be surprised to see Mitt Romney pick a female running mate, given this current energy.

~ LESSON –> Follow that which defines your deepest, core values. Resist that which merely brings short-term comfort or quick and easy gain.

Exalted Moon eclipsing the Sun:
On the solar eclipse, the moon is completely burned out and dark. Meaning, the sun has more power than the moon naturally on the solar eclipse. However, in this case, the moon is exalted. Meaning, this is the placement where “feeling and connection” are more inherent and intuitive than “inspired action.”

~ LESSON –> Resist the tendency to push your personal agenda, and instead feel into the heart of situations.

Jupiter barely in Taurus:
Jupiter is the planet of principles, hopes and how these things guide us, allowing us to expand in life. In Taurus, Jupiter sees those values producing more tangible, concrete and enjoyable results. The clarified and renewed vision we have now, based on the recent “Jupiter in Aries” transit, seeks more tangible expression in Taurus.

Jupiter through Aries coincided with the “Arab Spring,”  and the renewed sense of hope and purpose it left the world. Also, the “#Occupy” movement in the US, and the greater awareness of the “99%”, multinational interests, etc. has changed the game—or at least the rhetoric. For those interested in metaphysical healing and alternative approaches / medicine, this eclipse of Jupiter in Taurus shows a point of ignition and reestablishment of dharmic practices.

Given that Jupiter is less than 1° of Taurus, we expect a delay in this growth and hope, also it may take more work and effort than we like. Also there can be poor judgment and evaluation of what is really valuable or wealth producing. For instance, the Facebook IPO, which many see as overpriced, over-hyped bet shows this.

~ LESSON –> Allow your inspirations to take root in the fertile soil of your most deeply held convictions and values. And by the way, when this happens, the money will follow.

Venus retrograde:
Venus rules Taurus. It is the being/force which creates these social and “value-centric” attributes. With Venus, ruler of the eclipse in its own sign, expect all indications to be channeled toward the most creative outcome. This bodes well for our political and cultural dialogue over the next six months.

Although the road may be awkward and the rhetoric hot, the need for stability, consensus and comfort should predominate in our personal lives, then permeate our collective culture.

Whether the issue is women’s rights, gay rights or the rights of people to live in a culture and world where laws favor everyone, (not only those privileged or able to afford lobbyists) Venus in Taurus promises to establish consensus, not greater division.

~ LESSON –> it’s no longer ethical for the few to benefit at the expense of the many. We all must endure some inconvenience and discomfort if we are all going to survive.

Three Sattwic Planets in Kritikka Nakshatra:
This Nakshatra is ruled by Agni, the God of fire. It is he who digests not only our food, but everything we eat through each of the five senses. This Nakshatra is related to spiritual practices, pujas, fire ceremonies. The fire of Alchemy translates into spiritual purity and transformation. The moon is exalted here. We need to cut (Kritikka) and burn the samskaras (mental impressions) in our mind (Moon) first, only then will our actions be a sacrifice on the altar of truth.

The sun, Moon and Jupiter, the three Sattwic (Pure) planets are all in this Nakshatra. Thus, enormous clarity, insight and manifest power are possible now.

This Nakshatra is called “The Pleiades,” and also considered the first Nakshatra, where the stellar zodiac begins. It is referred to as the wives of the seven great sages, their manifest power. Astronomically speaking, it is a “hatchery” of young stars just born in the nearby Orion nebula. In the Mayan tradition it is considered a bundle of seeds—ripe with creative energy.

~ LESSON –> A mind deluded by excessive emotion leads to wrong actions, deeper attachments and negative karma. In such state, greater peace and truth is not possible.


Editor: Kate Bartolotta

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