S#!T Bhakti Yogis Say.

Via Big Happy Day
on May 14, 2012
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Finally! Someone had to do it.

This weekend at Shaktifest we were swimming in an ocean of devotional hippies, yogis and artists. This video was easy to make, we just captured them in their natural setting.


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123 Responses to “S#!T Bhakti Yogis Say.”

  1. yogijulian says:

    now that this is out of the way….

    i am sorry if you were offended when i said that to you thaddeus. you bring it up so clearly you felt it was wrong.

    i agree with kate that it is big of you to say you probably deserved it – and you may notice in the thread with braja when she corrected my impression that she was scandanavian i apologized – which was met with further grade school one-upsmanship and hystrionics.

    i do remember saying you were a pseudo-intellectual bully and it was intended less as an insult than as a description of something i think you do.

    i may be wrong – but i have over the years encountered a style based in postmodern relativist, historical revisionist, and philosophy of science sophistry that seeks to use complex and intellectual sounding arguments to somehow make it seem as if supernaturalist beliefs and magical thinking are plausible and that those who deny their plausibility are mere "scientific materialists" who are somehow deluded about their own religious dogma and are blind to how they think their reality is superior to that of other supposed metaphysics etc…

    personally i find that whole position very dishonest, convoluted, murky and pretentious, and also impossible to debate, because it is in my opinion an elaborate circular self-inoculation against any and all arguments based in simply redefining terms and playing games.

    now i may be wrong and i may be missing something important as i am sure you will no doubt think, but when i see people adopting this kind of sophistry i try to just point it out quickly and move on – because the experience is otherwise for me one of quicksand.

    you'll note that i have a pretty harsh critique of these ideas and style of arguing – but they do not result in me telling you that you most likely have a small penis, are jealous of my readership, are stalking me when you make comments, that you are secretly a girl who has no balls and should go by the name thalidomide because your mother obviously bore a mutant etc….. right?

    i also mean you no offense here and do not want to hurt you as a person – in the moment when i said you were a pseudo-intellectual bully, i think i was coming to the defense (albeit briefly) of someone in the comments section of one of my articles who i thought might be overawed by your style.

    the problem again for me in this regard is i know there is nothing i can say to penetrate what i experience as a kind of sophistry and so either not saying anything or just making a comment like that seems all that is left.

    i probably should just say nothing.

  2. Dedee says:

    None of this matters.

  3. athayoganusasanam says:

    yea, you probably should just say nothing 🙂 can you imagine how much less stress would be in your life if you stopped arguing with people online all the time? wouldn't that be a sweet relief.

  4. Thaddeus1 says:

    Well…here's what I would say…

    Killing is killing no matter how many people one kills, or whether they do it nicely or viciously…I think ad hominems and name calling is analogous in this situation. For me, the issue boils down to tone and respect. If you want to point out what you perceive to be someone's faults perhaps I might suggesting doing so in a more nuanced and respectful tone. Or better yet, actually looking at yourself and see how you (the general "you" in this case) perpetrate the same thing you find so offensive.

    As for being a sophist…I will merely say in the words of Socrates, "I would rather die having spoke after my manner than speak in your manner and live."

    But, I would like to thank you for explaining/apologizing for your bully comment while simultaneously explaining to me how and why I apparently am one.

  5. doug says:

    My wife and I love to chant the divine names and do so daily. But this video, in spite of it's attempt to be humorous, reminded us of why we're glad we didn't attend Shaktifest. Last September we attended Bhaktifest and in spite of the bliss of singing all those kirtan songs, we were taken aback by the many displays of rudeness, narcissism, and inconsiderateness. Common courtesy was said to be the key to Shangrila. Common courtesy and emotional maturity were lacking at last year's Bhaktifest.

  6. vish says:

    i understand your sentiment, score keeping is what the two kids are all about. the actual line is "you pseudo-intellectual pretentious bully" so +1 me 😀

  7. sarahgee says:

    lovely response Joey Ma xo

  8. froggie says:

    while there were sparkily wonderous moments- Larisa @ 1 am, Mothers Day morning kirtan, Jai's self-effacing humor – it is true: mindfulness of Being was not a strong point of Shakti fest. Low attendance – more vendors, musicians, yoga rockstars & 'Press' (& the extensive entourages, riding free) than participants. Many 'voyeurs' who didn't chant, were more concerned with their chips, sitting in their HIghBack chairs, SERiousLy mat-less in their lives (phat..).. SOooo.. the Bhav's kinda going the way of Burning Man – spectator sport versus tribe & anahata… This relatively uncreative vid demonstrates the dumbing-down of spiritual gatherings. Yea, yama-niyama is more than a concept, it is a way to BE..

  9. vish says:

    you "never claimed to be a "noble victim"" yet "the same fundemantalist [sic] trolls… attacking [you]…come at me … welcome to the club? " and the "i never thought…" this thread begins with
    you write like you actually addressed the (little substance) braja said, that you have these great friends who you look down on ("i fact my values explicitly hold that belief in god is more often than not a actually a drawback with regard to actualizing those principles [i value]! "- i looked through some of your comments, you got a lot of words) but all you did was poke and poke, "wow" you say, "i can only imagine what a living hell it must be to live inside such a tormented psyche. get help, if not for your sake – for ours. " and "crazy lady – you have zero tolerance for anyone who has not also been surviving on the diet of bat guano in your little cave! "and to you that's defending. and worse you posture like you're the honest one who calls out sophistry but you use the same specious FSM, invisible unicorn teapot lines as if they had a real equivalency to how people relate and consider god, even here you defend with "well i personally asked dionysos to consult with zeus and he said that when maimonides…"
    you poopoo "[braja's] faux superior fundamentalism, childish attempts at debate zingers, or idiosyncratic self-aggrandizing" while sitting arm in arm with her in the same potty, painting yourselves exactly the same.

  10. vish says:

    vish, why do you bother, you know he's not going to listen to anything but his own echo.
    ah, but vish, clarity. you love the reflecting pond as much as anyone, and just cause you don't surname yourself as someone who really gets yoga doesn't mean you don't sometimes think it, so go for the clarity, cause maybe some of that muck will get pushed to the side of the toilet and you can see yourself a bit more clearly
    oh, ok +1 me, oh wait, the score is love love love love love love love love 😀

  11. luber says:

    I love you Joey! Thank you!

  12. luber says:

    THANK YOU BO!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME! Hari Bol =)

  13. Thaddeus1 says:

    Wow. You did your homework. You win! 🙂

  14. scott says:

    Luber, usually when I offend someone , I say I'm sorry it that offends you! Pretty simple…We all have much to learn….

  15. scott says:

    I'm finding that"common" courtesy has gone the way of "common" sense,, not so common any more…

  16. joey lugassy says:

    Thanks Julian. Thanks for inner Papa Bear calling bullshit.

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