Surfer Girl(s) Wow.

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 31, 2012
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Strong is beautiful, too.

Thin is beautiful, too. Fat is beautiful, too. Or curvy, if you prefer. Thin is beautiful, too. Tall is beautiful, and short is beautiful, and stout is beautiful, and hairy is beautiful, and “conventionally” ugly is beautiful, too. We’re all good, if our hearts are good.

Girls can’t surf! …uh, Nevermind.

Surfing is beautiful. It’s also tough as hell. Same with these athletes.

Their beauty is full of strength. Obviously, male surfers show a lot of skin, too. In any case, check the videos–these are sexy, inspiring, literally awesome women.


“…Her name is Claire Bevilacqua, born January 29, 1983, nickname “Bevo”. She’s a professional surfer from Perth, Australia. Her mother is Australian while her father is Italian. In 2003 she was crowned as the Australian Junior Women’s Champion. In 2005 she joined the World Championship Tour (WCT) of the Association of Surfing Professionals, finishing with a 10th ranking. Since turning pro she has won several competitions…”

Surfer girls, back in the day (1938)

Hawaiian surfer Coco Ho: (Adult)


Claire Bevilacqua.

Images: Imgur.


90% of the comments online about these photos and videos are “wow.” But, a few are concerned about their sexuality. In response to a reader’s question:

Amen. I left out most of their overtly sexualized photos–and there’s a lot of those. Look at my ass! Look at my boobs! No: the photos I included were those that I thought showed their strength, skill, and, yes, their human beauty. They are in really good shape, and that’s inspiring and beautiful. For that matter, the gents are sexy, too, and show even more skin, often. Nothing wrong with beauty, as long as it’s not pinup stuff.

Check the videos, these women are inspiring, and have got the skills, as you say.


Love this video, love this song, love this.



Alana Blanchard.

Below: Bethany lost an arm to a shark. She came back, and is competing again.

Bethany Hamilton & Alana Blanchard.

Rip Curl
Music: Years Around the Sun – ‘Miles Away’ Purchase here



And: “Hawaiian surfer Ha’a Keaulana runs across the ocean floor with a 50 pound boulder, as training to survive the massive surf waves.” (

surfer girl



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15 Responses to “Surfer Girl(s) Wow.”

  1. MamasteNJ says:

    Just intro'd on FB to: Health & Wellness, & Family.

  2. JulesGalloway says:

    Love Bethany Hamilton – she's freakin' awesome and so gutsy.

  3. Kirsten Gustafson says:

    I would have loved to have seen some surfing, not just beautiful girls frolicking in the waves. Would this video look like this if it was a guy surfer?

  4. elephantjournal says:

    I thought it was a beautiful, fun, inspiring video. If there's videos you'd like added, leave a link here and I'll add it in. Be constructive!

  5. elephantjournal says:

    Amen. So inspiring. Just added some back story videos on her.

  6. Kim says:

    Many of the pics portray these amazing female athletes as objects of sexual interest rather than focusing on their athletic ability. This is a really belittling culture that female athletes have to battle constantly making it very difficult for them to get recognition without being sexualised. This culture has been shown to alienate women from sport and lead to the already rife problem of poor body image amongst females of all ages. It would be great if we could celebrate these amazing women without the implied sexual expectation or connotation.

  7. elephantjournal says:

    I think they look strong. I've done blogs on male surfers–and they too are wearing hardly anything, and in some cases are topless. 😉 Beautiful but empowered is okay by me. Sexual but unempowered, I think we can agree, is not so okay. These women seem powerful to me, and we've included their stories, not just their readily apparent and inspiring, powerful beauty.

  8. sabine says:

    elephantjournal : you can do better…..yawn….its sexualizing…its not sexualizing……
    if you want to show the athlete – show the athlete – don't pretend and show us the usual …..

  9. Brett says:

    I find this post to show the beauty of the human body, which is typically most evident in powerful athletes (for obvious reasons), and that is an amazing thing to behold. Nice post

  10. i am annoyed by these pictures. not sure why. sexy and not in a good way…

  11. Karen says:

    Believe it or not, curvy, plus sized women also surf, and surf well. They also do yoga. Imagine that. 🙂

  12. Tamar Ben-Moshe says:

    Alana and most of the girls may start off as surfers, but eventually, they find out that they, unlike the men, cannot make a living off of their "surf skills" and they end up using the surfing as a way to sexualize themselves and push into the modeling careers. Bevo doesn't do it because she's gay. The straight girls who don't look butchy (except for Bethany) all do it. It is sad and unfortunate, but the truth is, they can't surf an entertaining surf like the men do. They don't come close. In fact, they are pretty boring to watch unless you edit the shit out of their videos and cut to quick clips of some of the very nice maneuvers they can pull off.

  13. Meg says:

    What I find disappointing is all the negativity following this post in the comments. I 100% agree that the photos are appropriate and show strong (inside and out) women who embrace the earth and ride the waves. It's a lifestyle and it's free living. I can assure you they don't only wear bikinis for these photos, so passing judgment on them being sexualized is judging them. They have pride in what they do and who they are, with good reason. All that being said (by me, a straight female), I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thank you for empowering the strength of these and all women.

  14. Tmaht says:

    Haha at all the jealous women complaining about this article being sexualizing.

  15. stylestoked says:

    I rarely ever comment on these types of articles, but this comment (in my opinion) is absurd, judgmental and just flat out wrong. As a fellow soul surfer, (no offense men) but I would rather watch a graceful woman surfing any day…especially if she is on longboard or more retro style board. In my humble opinion, it is more of a dance than the "surf porn" you see in many surf vids that are full of airs and aggressive surfing…don't get my wrong that takes incredible talent and appeals to many…Yes there are some female models whom have used their surfing skills and fame to help launch careers in other industries. But if they are honestly talented at both surfing, singing, modeling..etc what's the problem? Plenty of male surfers do the same thing but you don't see them getting crap about it. What about Shayne Macyntire? He's been modeling for quicksilver for years. He's great in front of the lens and in the water (as are many other male athletes) Look at Catherine Clark, she has an incredible voice and kills it in the water. Or Bo Stanley, she is an amazing surfer, curve model, and body positive activist. I could go on all day listing empowering woman who surf and model and are doing good in the world…