May 25, 2012

The Best Relationship You’ll Ever Have. ~ Jamie Morgan

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Close your eyes and picture this:

The lights are dim. Scantily clad men and women of gorgeous proportions surround you, moving in unison to the sensual, deep voice of some far away being. The near silence is trembling, hearing only the overwhelming breath of the room, the uncontrollable dripping of sweat.

Your blood is pumping, adrenaline rushing, heart rate rising…until suddenly, calm rushes in.

Everything slows down—you are the movement, the exhalation, the cold rubber between your fingers and toes.

And your mind swiftly floats away.

Now fast forward and open your eyes.

You feel connected to the faceless figures that were once scattered on the floor, connected to yourself, connected to something more. Exhausted, but powerful, graceful, energized. You are completely in tune with your wants, with your needs.

You are fulfilled in every extent of the word: physically, mentally and emotionally.

You have given and you have received.

A completely balanced relationship has been established, all in 90 minutes or less.

You have entered your relationship with yoga.

The best relationship you’ll ever have.

Your yoga practice doesn’t care about your past, future or even the present—this day and this day only does it want you to commit to the moment.

It is patient. It doesn’t get discouraged or temperamental if you don’t show up for a week or if you can’t be as flexible as you once were.

It doesn’t push, doesn’t pry—it waits for you to be ready, allows you to decide what you want to share.

It doesn’t notice your unkempt hair, blemishes or the extra five pounds you’ve so willingly put on display in your curve-hugging outfit—and it doesn’t demand that you lose them.

It doesn’t bark with jealousy or swear to you with inadequate sensitivity. It doesn’t promise something it can’t give.

It is intense and challenging, but supportive and appeasing. If you let it, it will push you to your limits; break you down only to find yourself, fully aware and centered. It builds your confidence, teaches you how to stand on your own two feet and know your worth.

It opens your eyes to new people, places and purposes. It is not selfish with your time or your affection.

Most importantly, there is no wasted time, no wasted energy, no endless hours of contemplating the “what-ifs.” Every moment spent is a moment cherished, provoking the mind, body and spirit to reach for something bigger than you are.

Love is a four letter word—and so is yoga.


An aspiring journalist, fashion enthusiast and lover of all things yoga, dance and green, Jamie packed up her life nine months ago and made the big move to Madrid, Spain from little old Ohio. Spending her days as an English teacher and soul-searcher, she is completely fascinated by international languages and cultures and won’t be satisfied until she’s seen it all. And so it begins.



Editor: Brianna Bemel

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