May 2, 2012

The Blueprint Cleanse & A Colon Cleaning: My Spring Detox. ~ Sinda Anzovino

Recently I tried my first juice cleanse.

I went with three days on the Blue Print cleanse.

It seemed all the rage with celebrities and was stockpiled in Whole Foods, leading one to think it was quite the healthy choice to try. While it is true that the body is not necessarily starving for food, I still had the urge to chew something solid.

What began as an interest in ridding my body of toxins and maybe changing how much sugar I used in my Earl Grey tea, soon became a test of willpower.

As I watched my boyfriend and children repeatedly stuff their faces, I kept thinking of the weight I would be dropping and how much more water and nutrients I was bringing into my body. Of course I also spent a lot of time trying not to think of how many bathroom trips I was taking. Not to mention the lack of energy from sugar and caffeine stimulants, and the fact that the rest of my body seemed a little backed up due to the lack of solids.

Each day I looked forward to two of the juices but dreaded the green and red juices.  Even cut with apple, I felt it was hard to get down pounds of tart & green veggies in a bottle. The red juice left me with an aftertaste of beets that would linger for two hours until I could have another juice to cover up the previous taste. I was all for the end of night cashew milk drink, but secretly I wished that was the one I could drink all day.

I should mention that I am a lacto/ovo/pescatarian type of a vegetarian, and have been that way for the past 18 years. Basically I eat eggs, milk, and fish.

So on the third day of the cleanse I took the suggested step and headed into New York City to try my first ever colon hydrotherapy session. I was quite surprised that even minus the meat there is a ton of (pardon the term) crap, that is still stuck in the large intestine.

As a first timer I can honestly say there is nothing that can mentally prepare you for a stranger sticking a tube up your booty, and repeatedly flushing your body in a way that makes you feel like you hope the person on the other end really knows what they are doing. Humble…yes, I felt very humble.

It was a clean process, and I think I lucked, finding a a pro because when I had challenges, there was this lovely massager that got whipped out and helped the releases to occur. At this point I’m thinking I’m being proactive in terms of my detoxification efforts.

Once I sorted myself out I sat down with my colonic therapist who had worlds of information to impart on gluten and sent me for weeks into a gluten free state. I thought I was leading a relatively healthy life, but who knew the many evils of the allergen gluten? I am not still gluten free. I do however make the choice if it’s available and looks edible.

Leaving there, I can’t say I felt pounds lighter, but overall I figured my body was empty and I was looking forward to the following day when I could start to reintroduce foods.

By the end of the three day cleanse and colonic I got on the scale and had dropped three lbs.  For some reason I was a little let down, I thought for sure I had dropped at least double that amount, thinking of all the moments I felt I was suffering in order to purify my body. I even felt I was being more “yogic”.

This was the point where asmita (ego) truly got involved.

It wasn’t until I began to reflect on the process as a whole that my strengths became more apparent. I had maintained my practice and teaching during the cleanse. I had allowed my mind to get over the matter of food for several days. I had tried something new, put my full effort behind it and stayed present during the process. And lest I not forget, I completely gave a gentle break to my internal abdominal organs and an overhaul to the way my body was processing food.

Was my detox about food or juices? No. It was a test of my willpower; a test of my ability to triumph over needs versus wants and a chance to make healthier choices.  I can’t say that I’m rushing out to drop another $150 on a three day cleanse. I’m also not saying that I will never do it again. The experience was priceless and one that will stay with me indefinitely.


Editor: Jennifer Cusano

Sinda Anzovino, E-RYT, CATYMT, former owner and teacher trainer of Yoga Journey RYS, currently teaches for New York Sports Club, Destination Maternity, White Plains Hospital and her sometimes ‘A’-List’ private clientele. She lives with her 2 children in Westchester, NY. Sinda has a fun and light hearted approach to her teaching that embraces all who study with her! Visit her on the web here.

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