May 26, 2012

Lesson of the day: don’t ambush Gordon Ramsay. Lesson #2: don’t eat your Steak Well Done.

The customer isn’t always right.

Gordon Ramsey pisses on ambushing reporter’s well-done bonfire.

I love this: going against the grain of a dumbed down consumer mentality: have some respect for good food, good restaurants, for doing things properly.

My favorite cafe here in Boulder, the Trident, is similar in its way. I’m a regular, there, have been going for years and working on my laptop, spending thousands of bucks a year I’m sure…and yet, if I stick my feet up on a chair, I’ll give ’em five minutes before they come over and ask (tell) me to get my feet off.

I like that: in the Buddhist community, they are all about “soft front, hard back”—in other words, respect and love, both.

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