May 4, 2012

The Incredible Likeness of Being.

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I love you,
As I have for a million trillion lifetimes,
As I will for a million trillion more.
The sun has risen and sings its lofty song.

To feel a love for another human being that is both definitive and limitless. What a gift. What an experience. What a glorious moment. It exposes what already was inside of you. That love you feel at this moment was always there just waiting for you to see it. She moved the earth just enough to allow the sun to peak over the horizon.

You take me above the clouds,
Into the universe flying among the stars,
And caress me in the moonlight,
In some place I’ve never been before.

You no longer walk, you fly. Even in your moments of great stillness you are flying. The clouds no longer just blow by, you own them. They are part of you, and you part of them. She takes you in her arms and you feel. She’s a million miles away from you and you can still feel her. She caresses your soul, your being, your body and your mind. You see this place as if for the very first time.

That thing called “time” and that nothing called “space”no longer exist. You are free, you are in wonderful bliss as the universe moves around you. You are no longer sure if you are in the universe or the universe is in you. The lines are blurred, and you are content with this as the idea of clarity that has found you. Yes, you are free.

I know, I’ve always known,
Whatever lifetimes we’ve shared I have known,
It’s always been you.

To bask in the warmth of love is to know you are alive. She is in your heart, your soul. She flows through your veins and drives each breath. Your eyes closed, your skin tingles at her touch, and you relax into everythingness. She takes you, and you in turn take her. This is just not pleasure, it is something so much more. Indescribable, you find a rhythm given to you by the divine. Unity finds heaven, and the joined explore this paradise with reckless abandon. The clock fades, the darkness ends and you lose all sense of your humanness. Ecstasy becomes eternity. You know. You are home.

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Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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Read 9 comments and reply

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