Three Reasons To Go To Hanuman Festival In Boulder.

Via Meghan Currie
on May 28, 2012
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Reason One.  Boulder is Weird.

and people want to keep it that way. I like weird things too.

People in Boulder do fun weird things like naked pumpkin runs and naked bike rides and I like to do most things naked too.

There are many interesting and intelligent people that have sprouted from Boulder. Like Patrick Murphy, the dog poop mapper.

And David Rosdeitcher the Zip Code Guy.

And this man.

                     Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.   Allen Ginsberg

And this one too and nine things you didn’t know about him.

Ahem. I have  a Lamborgini home phone. Just sayin.

And he doesn’t like pants on either and me neither.

 Reason Two.  The Teachers.

There are so many teachers at Hanuman and I have studied with none of them. This is exciting. I’m gonna yoga my pants off. That’s exciting too.

Just a few…

Richard Freeman. Geezus

Anand Mehrotra.

And he likes motorcycles and I do too.

Yoga Slackers.

Kathryn Budig.

And she loves chocolate and I do too.

Reason Three. Music. Gasms spasm.

DJ Drez. What he makes. Gives them to me.

so good to move to.

Zen Drummer. Yum

om guru christ

Watch this as it really shows how beautiful and sweet and full of intention this festival is.

Check out the Hanuman Festival Website for more details.

See you there in twelve delicious sleeps!




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4 Responses to “Three Reasons To Go To Hanuman Festival In Boulder.”

  1. Mark-Francis Mullen says:

    hmmm…was anything in that article about yoga? seems I can find the same shenanigans at any Boulder event….

    Perhaps a recap of the 'reasons' is in order…Boulder's weird, the teachers (those who haven't been discredited for humping their students), and the music.
    I guess I just didn't get it when the sages spoke of the purpose or practice of yoga. Maybe I should kick loose three hundred bucks or so and find out? On second thought, I'd rather spend the time in scorpion, meditating, or almost anything else…

    (still, I liked the article, regardless of its relevance to yoga or anything else)

    Thanks for a great inspiration on my next EJ article about a Million Reasons Why NOT to go to Hanuman Festival, though : )

  2. steve frankel says:

    you forgot the best reason of all…… port a potties! Just when you thought it was safe to take a dump, so whacko is sitting below and checking it all out……this festival is a collection of throw away losers and posers…..just saying.

  3. danni ashton says:

    i agree bro. i'd rather spend $300 bucks on a new bike. loserfest.

  4. […] to say elephant is not associated with or participating in Hanuman, a yoga festival in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado, in any way. That said, the lovely viral-video yogini friend Meghan (her photos, highlights below) […]