May 31, 2012

To Make An Omelet, We Have To Break Some Eggs. ~ Brian Delrue

Sebastian Anthony

What if being happy, finding true inner peace, meant you had to first face all of your fears?

What if someone told you that all of your fears are an illusion made up by your own mind?

Would it help to make the fears go away?

What if you’re hungry enough, at what point do you decide it’s worth breaking some eggs; to forget fear?

I once had a dream that I was in the jungle with a man who looked like Bob Marley but spoke only Spanish. We were both using machetes to clear the weeds from around the fruit-bearing trees that the man had planted after clearing an acre of wild jungle.

After working under the hot sun I began to grow weary and thirsty; the man took notice. He looked at me and said,

Brian you didn’t come out to the jungle today to kill weeds.  I asked you to come here so that you would feel thirsty, and so that you would ask me how to quench your thirst.”

The man then pointed to a thicket in the jungle with a path that previously I had not been able to see.

He asked me to trust him as he led me to the opening of the path, which had become too overgrown to enter. Without a word, he began to cut a narrow trail through the path. Because he was thinner than I, I also cut away the jungle so that I could follow behind.

After a while, the man and I were immersed in the jungle, unable to see clearly what lay ahead and barely able to peer through the ground we had just covered. I became more famished and reminded the man that I was thirsty. The man recalled that he had asked me to trust him. After a slight breather, we pressed forward, cutting and slicing with our blades.

Before too long, I heard a faint sound that grew as a suspicion, then a trickle, still more a flowing, until it was a roar.

Where the man was leading me, the destination we had reached through the thicket, was a crisp, cool mountain stream. I drank until I was full.

The man was smiling as he spoke next.

Having regained my strength, I took up my machete in hand.

Everything we need is all around us, but the path has become overgrown and the people have forgotten. I have taken you through the jungle, off the beaten trail, not only to show you the way to abundance, but so that you can help me clear the path for others to follow. The truth is, if the path remains hidden and too difficult for much longer, it will remain forever lost.

We chopped and hacked, opening the track. Many times throughout the endeavor I became weak with exertion. At those times the man told me that he’d take care of the big stuff while I rested.

By the time we finished, the path lay open before us; we could watch the water rolling whilst standing amongst the banana trees.

This is a true dream and more than a decade after having it, in March of 2011, it became a true story.

Your Will is Your Time; My Will is Mine.

How each human chooses to spend their time is their choice of free will.

I have determined the most important thing worth doing before I die, the only thing for me to do with this body while my spirit inhabits in-between my bones on this Earth, is to try to restore balance and harmony back between people and the Earth.

Isn’t it true that the flesh is temporary but the deeds done in flesh are permanent? I see this path as the only means to provide future generations with a world worth living in.

Some who make this discovery choose to take it to an individual level: leave the world behind, need less, and save enough scratch to buy a little plot in the middle of nowhere; going back to the basics. Yes, this choice still happens. Whether those who choose such a lifestyle are selfish or smarter than the rest of us remains yet to be seen.

To Make an Omelet, You Gotta’ Break Some Eggs.

Many agree that balance no longer exists in the world and that it needs to be restored. Before restoring balance to the Earth, first, the imbalance that society creates within us must be released.  Bob Marley put it simply, “[e]mancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.”

We must break through the “egg shell” in which society has us encased so that we can experience true change. Anything less is just a scratch or a mark on our egg’s outer shell.

If the world were not out of balance there would be no hunger, no war, no struggle and no strife.

It’s only logical to assume that if we grow up in an unbalanced system our understanding will also share the same unbalanced flaws; for our world is that society and we know nothing different.

In fact, the world is out of balance and everyone is enabling this state.

I know you’ve seen bits of imbalance too, in your own actions, if not in the big picture. Indeed, you yourself have spotted cracks in the shell—this means that everyone is a part of the problem; we ourselves have become our own “Goliath.”

Inevitably, restoring balance to the world involves facing your own habits, and talking to other people about changing theirs. Such a path is not always fun.

To Make A Good Omelet, It Takes More Than One Egg.

Imagine if David, after breaking through his shell, didn’t have to sling the stone at Goliath, but instead he convinced Goliath to help.

Cracking someone else’s shell can be an experience similar to disturbing someone who doesn’t want to be woken up.

They will do anything to allow themselves to pull a blanket over their heads so that their eyes can stay closed, their opinions can remain prejudiced and their behavior can remain stagnant. After all, hearing that the direct or indirect results of our actions are damaging the Earth for future generations is not an easy pill to swallow.

These people may just need more time.

If anyone travels long and far enough from that which is most familiar, the same evil deeds taking place all over the world cannot hide from sight.

Anyone can see it for themselves, if their path should take them. Or they can listen to others who have traveled the way, shared their blood and sweat with the dust of the road, wise enough to know that experience with clear vision is the richest form of education. Or they can choose to hear only what is already known and learn nothing; perpetuating the current unbalance.

You Can Crack A Person’s Egg; But Only They Themselves Can Come Out of Their Shell.

Others’ lack of ‘awareness preparedness’ to hear is no reason to quell the trumpet of truth.

If your speaking up strains your relationships, those who hold a relationship with you are not acting in love. Speaking from truth after previously leading a life that didn’t just use destructive commodities, but actually created them, is a position of credibility which should be heard.

If anyone can talk about change to others it is someone who’s had a change in heart from having a willing hand in somehow creating a worse future through profiting at others’ expense.

These people are representations of Ebenezer Scrooge at the end of A Christmas Carol, after having a wild night of in-your-face realizations. If these jolly Ebenezers can speak uninterrupted for long enough, the shell of society will be cracked of those who’ll listen, and just like an egg, it can never be un-cracked.

Having your shell cracked can be scary, so when cracking someone’s shell, it’s very important to share the positives—in fact, it may even be best to start with saying that paradise can very possibly be everywhere, if we make it.

There are still remote green spaces that a person doesn’t need money to inhabit. And they wouldn’t have to inhabit these spaces alone. Some South American Indigenous Tribes are still protected, living in isolation deep in the Amazon.

If someone wanted to experience this life for themselves they’d have to leave everything they know behind.

A person would also learn how little they actually know about thriving in harmony with the plants. Why do we need to travel to the edges of the Earth to find the most pristine corners of harmony?

Why were we all not born into a Garden of Eden, and why are we all not leaving a Garden of Eden behind as our legacy for future generations? Why haven’t we been taught how by our ancestors?

To Make an Omelet, You Gotta’ Have Eggs.

Land cannot be occupied for a long period of time, and certainly not for sustenance, without involving a bank.

Additionally, instead of people working together to tender the soil in cooperation, society has neighbors competing for their own separate piece of grass.

We’ve been tricked into the quest to fulfill the “American Dream”: to buy a house with a picket fence, have a job that pays us for our house, puts our kids through college, allows us to buy a new car every five years, while we go out to dinner a couple nights a week, take a yearly vacation and, at the same time, have enough money in a 401K plan that will make each American retiree their own millionaire so they can actually do what they want with their time before they die; like the upper class can do their whole life.

Banks own everything.

The system is set up to keep the banks owning everything, and is set up to keep us working hard in the process under the illusion that one day we’ll have enough money saved up to be free of the game.

We’re under the illusion that we’ll wake to the sun rising and have no obligations which were not of our free will and choosing. For this illusion to continue to transpire, all the immediate wants of individuals must continuously be fulfilled.

Inevitably, this truism is a requirement that consumerism succeeds, which helps banks.

Money is used as fear, fear is used for control and control is used for the advancement of inequity.

Money sure can inspire people to turn thoughts and ideas into reality. But the reality is living life in that way isn’t making life any easier, at the cost of our future. Besides, even if a pure idea receives money, how often does money come without strings of fear attached?

Chickens Lay Eggs; Not banks.

Cutting a path to free people from their oppression shouldn’t involve requiring people to make money. Therefore, it shouldn’t take money.

Thankfully, since the oppression is more similar to a slumber, all that’s required is that enough people wake up to the evil things occurring behind their backs, hidden from view, that are absolutely destroying the next generations’ future.

Once people start talking and see what’s transpiring they will begin to ponder if there’s a better way. All it takes is a little community cooperation to get the ball is rolling in the right direction.

We can make a conscious choice to spend money wisely, begin working together and collectively stop forking money over to huge mortgage institutions. This choice could mean the end of corporate slavery so that people can again work directly with the Earth for our direct sustenance, in the house that they’re already living in, without all the bullshit.

We could have a simpler and more connected life, a life of peace, abundance and a sharing community that gets to spend more time at home.

Who, if they choose, can pick a profession that helps their future, or their children’s future or their grandchildren’s future, for the sake of feeling good; not only because it’s a necessary evil.

So why can’t this experience surround everyone right now?

Each person must take direct responsibility over his livelihood.

What’s stopping a person from getting a few chickens to always have eggs?

The answer is simple. Look in the mirror. Are you planting organic abundance for a better future? Are you sharing with your neighbors? Are you afraid to speak out against or withhold from the banks?

Nobody’s working on bettering your future if you’re not. If you work for a company, it is in the company’s best interest to keep you working for them, adding value to the company’s future; not to make you rich enough to break free of the company so you can work on adding value to your own future.

Breaking free to add value to your own future improves the lives of your children, which means the company wouldn’t have them as workers either. If enough people did this, there’d be nobody to work for a company if the company wasn’t directly working on adding value to their, or others’ futures.

Is this kind of a world starting to sound pretty good? It starts by creating little pockets of Eden inside peoples’ minds. This is all possible. It is within our reach.

Go outside and see for yourself. Look at your yard, your neighbors’ yards, if there are yards around. Have you or are they planting abundance and sustenance that can grow and last for years to come?

Now use your imagination. Imagine you’ve answered yes to the above question.

Imagine food growing everywhere, like Willy Wonka’s factory. Every imaginative space is creatively used to grow something edible.

How amazing does it smell? How colorful does it make the spring and summer months? How beautiful are the butterflies? How good does everything taste from the jar in the fall and winter?

This huge change would make everyone happier, not just a few people.

If we so choose we can come together and we can bring the land rightfully back to its people, freed from the oppression created by the banks.  History shows us that divided individuals do fall, while united we stand.

The more eggs in the basket, the bigger the omelets.

The real question is…
What are you holding for your future?


Brian Delrue was slain, hashed, and re-assembled to give birth to Durable Rein, who is a junk-yard enigma, the stone that the builder refused. He gives institution reason to break the mold. He is the curious lotus seed that fell through the societal sidewalk cracks and against all odds, still bloomed. Learning from each kick, crunch, and step-on from the hard walks of life and inquisitively connected as the ancient messengers who’ve traveled the unbeaten path before him. The time has come to remind ourselves how to open up, think and use the power keyed within our hearts for a better future. To clear the path back to the river of flowing life so that we can again choose the cornerstone of eternal harmony with the Earth. Take up your machete to have a walk-about, go on a visionary chat with a Durable Rein for Freedom at http://durable-rein.blogspot.com/, http://www.prolibertatem.com or connect with Brian on the Facebook jungle.


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