Universal Mother.

Via Nadine McNeil
on May 13, 2012
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Pure, Radiant, Unconditional Love

 {A reflection for Mother’s Day}

From whence we came

In nights dark with sickness
She cares for us
Twinkling hope pours
from her compassionate eyes—the stars;

In days bright with light
Her love shines through
The rainbow’s hue.

Rich like the pregnancy of Spring
She prepares us for Life’s every thing

A visionary like the onset of Fall—harvesting
Mother feeds and nurtures us
From the warmth of her breast,
keeping us close to her heart.

For better or for worse
She’s always with us
Kind, gentle and patient

And when she get angry
Crying out for our attention—
hot flashes, erosions, eruptions and avalanches

We ignore Her.

Instead, unconsciously
We abuse her by war
We rob her natural resources,

Sucking her moisture to feed

Our greed,

under the guise of our supposed need?

We penetrate her—uninvitingly,
With landmines.

Yet one inevitable Karmic day
We will return to Her,
not as a child abandoned
But rather to a womb neglected.

How did we lose our senses
and forget to honor,

Love, unconditionally,

Our Earth Mother?

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Editor: Kate Bartolotta


About Nadine McNeil

Yogini. Humanitarian. Spirited. Compassionate. Storyteller. All of these words conjure up aspects that make Nadine McNeil the person she aspires to be: an evolutionary catalyst committed to global transformation. Now fully devoted to expanding the reach of yoga through what she refers to as the “democratization of yoga,” she designs and delivers workshops to a wide cross-section of communities who ordinarily may not be exposed to nor reap its benefits.To join her mailing list and to learn more about her work and receive special offers, please click here.


6 Responses to “Universal Mother.”

  1. Moving stuff, Nadine. Beautifully written.


  2. Karen Ayee says:

    Wow! Empress you described the Visionary we unconsciously ignore.. Mother Earth!

  3. Suzette says:

    B….bo!!! Nuff said!

  4. Nadine says:

    Suzette?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! So eloquent and expressive you are. Blessed Love, Nadine!

  5. Sharon108 says:


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