Why Conservatives Aren’t as Funny as Liberals.

Warning: this article contains adult language and expresses opinions (in the sole possession of the author, not elephant) that may be offensive, demeaning, and hurtful, which is the intention of the author, not elephant. ~Signed, the author

Stephen Colbert

“There’s no such thing as Conservative humor.”

In response to a recent essay I wrote on humor, a friend, after complimenting me on my analytic prowess in decoding theconditions necessary for comedy, asked “Why don’t conservatives have an equivalent to The Colbert Report or The Daily Show?” The following is the 140 word rant I gave in reply. 

(One caveat: I’m tortured, Jewish, and ugly)

Humor takes balls. There’s no such thing as conservative humor. The libertine is the risk taker, the philanderer, the scatalogical saint, the sodomizer; whereas the conservative is the retentive, the traditionalist, the meticulous sexual anorexic. One must be tortured, dikey, fat, ugly or Jewish in order to be funny.

Conservatives, according to Freud, have an unconscious paranoia surrounding their anuses and therefore are obsessed with their buttholes. This makes them the perpetual “butt end” of all jokes.

Conservatives take life seriously, and thereby miss the entire point of what makes life meaningful, which is the non-serious, the playful and the sexually deviant.

Conservatism seeks to preserve power, social class, and tradition; it is inherently non-subversive, non-irreverent, and therefore non-ironic. Humor comes at the expense of power’s sway, it undermines tradition, and revolts at the thought of conformity. Conservatism does the opposite.

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MarxistHypocrisy101 Jul 31, 2012 4:09am

You shoot yourself in the foot before you begin.

Stephen Colbert is a good summary of how unfunny Liberals are and why, and it's has a lot to do with the fact that their jokes stem from "EVERBODY'S A DUMMY 'CEPT ME CUZ THEY DON'T SHARE MY BELIEFS!" solipsism.

the only thing "funny" here is your insistence that Liberals, whose entire political dogma revolves around government centralization and blind collectivism, are somehow noncomformist.

Mark Ledbetter May 14, 2012 9:12pm

Wow, nice. A lot to chew on over there (Why Sh#t Is Funny). I’ll try to find some time to comment, and maybe slide in a book recommend for Wet Hot and Wild over there, too.

Another thought from an unfunny guy fascinated by the topic.

Humor involves pain. In fact, maybe it’s simply a way to mitigate pain. Ever consider what a strange thing laughter is? Humans suddenly erupt into cacophonic noise. I mean, what’s that? And that noise resembles no other sound we make except crying, sometimes uncontrollable sobbing. In some cases, in fact, one morphs into the other and they can both be uncontrollable.

When I think about things that are funny in Japan but not in America, or vice versa, more often than not, it’s funny in one place because, in that culture, it involves pain. It’s not funny in the other because it’s not painful there.

One more thought… Over there (Why Sh#t Is Funny) it seems people agree with the groupthink theory when it applies to conservatives, but not when it applies to liberals. Interesting. A case of groupthink?

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