Why Do We Support Whistleblowing?

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on May 19, 2012
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 Whistleblower or Traitor?

A recent Kickstarter campaign has funded the above ads in Washington D.C. in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning who (in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year) is accused of aiding enemies of the State by his dissemination of classified information to Wikileaks.

The ads, by nonprofit ad firm EpicStep and the Bradley Manning Support Network, are directed at government workers in the capital:

The military has done its best to limit public exposure to Bradley Manning’s case by holding the trial at Ft. Meade, a relatively difficult location for the public to attend, and they have not released transcripts of the pretrial hearing, thereby limiting media exposure and making it difficult for laymen to follow the proceedings. Let’s bring the case back to Washington! … These ads will force government workers to remember WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning, remind them that the public is behind Bradley, and explain that what Bradley is accused of doing is a public good.

~ via Daily What

Why should we support whistleblowing?

Should we support whistleblowing? Don’t we want military personnel doing what they’re told and keeping that information to themselves?

Why should we support the actions of one of our servicemen or government officials when they put their conscience ahead of policy and procedure? Why do we want to encourage people in Manning’s position to follow their integrity instead of toeing the line no matter what?

Because we this is America.

Because the whole “I’m just doing my job and doing what they tell me to do” is unacceptable here.

Because being the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave means sometimes doing the brave thing that runs counter to what you’ve been told to do.

Because we are not Nazis.

This is not Iran.

When someone sees something done that runs contrary to his conscience—I want to know that he isn’t going to look the other way.

That’s what it means to be an American.

When someone does a difficult thing in the name of the greater good, in America—we applaud.

Your thoughts and applause for Bradley Manning can’t be heard where you sit at home. Your support here can.

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4 Responses to “Why Do We Support Whistleblowing?”

  1. Tony in Berkeley says:

    I think that Manning’s defense lawyers have duped lots of people by re-branding him as a “whistleblower.”. By downloading thousands of diplomatic cables and passing them on, all he has done is accuse the United States of having a foreign policy. Its something every nation has and every nation also treats its diplomatic communications as confidential so as not to thwart their own negotiations with other nations. It’s the same thing private companies do, friends do, and even yoga schools do.

    Since when do discretion and send judgement equal being a Nazi?


  2. DaveTelf says:

    Bravo Kate. With due respect to Tony, understanding the concerns surrounding the frivolous breaking of rank, it is my understanding that there is a great deal We the People are not being told which would be of tremendous benefit to us as a species. Let's continue to support whistleblowers who will lead us to disclosure of free energy technology, the breaking up of the global banking cabal who hold our collective economy hostage, and an end to the manufactured conflicts spreading murder and devastation in geo-politically sensitive areas around the world.

  3. I believe in discretion and judgement. I do not believe in the cover up or "spinning" of the collateral murder of civillians.

  4. hell yes, Dave!