Realizing the Same Self in All. ~ Steve Mitten

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on Jun 28, 2012
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American mythologist and teacher Joseph Campbell, who studied the spiritual teachings of the world for over 40 years, once observed that the best direction he had found comes out of India.

One of the classic Indian works is the centuries old Avadhut Gita, written by the sage Dattatreya.

An Avadhut is a mystic who has moved past the dictates and conditioning of the human mind and discovered the truth who’s fragrance is wisdom, peace and bliss. Gita simply means “song of. ” In this classic poem/teaching there is one stanza that I believe summarizes a great spiritual truth. It goes:

A yogi has no particular path;
He simply renounces imagining things,
His mind then ceases of its own accord,
And the perfect state just naturally occurs.

When Dattartreya refers to a yogi, he is not talking about someone in expensive spandex who can wrap their leg around their head. Rather he is talking about one who is called by Grace to find the truth of existence.

In speaking of renouncing imagining things he talks of the voluntary removal of attention, belief and identity from all changing things such as thoughts, emotions, sensations, etc.

Whenever attention in turned inward, away from external objects and towards its source, the volume and machinations of the mind subside into the background.

With nothing needing to be resisted, acquired or changed in any way, peace and contentment flourish. Without separation, between in and out, here and there, you and me, all differences dissolve into love.

The yogi directly realizes, at our essence, we are fundamental, unchanging, blissful, impersonal, all pervading awareness. It is the same Self in all.

It only took Steve Mitten a degree in engineering, 15 years in high tech, 5 start-ups and 2 IPOs, to find out he really didn’t care too much about any of that stuff. What he loved doing was helping other people find their truths and live more successful, meaningful and joyful lives.  Steve stumbled into professional coaching in its early days and over the past 17 years has helped over 1100 clients find their niche in life and thrive. He is an award-winning Master Certified Coach, a Past President of The International Coach Federation and Registered Yoga Teacher. As a lifelong student of the spiritual traditions and myth, he leans heavily on the powerful teachings within Advaita Vedanta for the cultivation of mindfulness and presence. Connect with Steve


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