June 21, 2012

A Vagina Manifesto For Males & Females.

I love men! Well, I love some of the male-bodied people I know.

It’s not for a individual human personality to truly love every body equally (it might be the realm for gods), and at the same time I believe in extending caring actions beyond the circle of people who I happen to find easy to like, including people across the spectrum of gender, ethnicity, economic status and sexuality expression.

I’m putting this right up front because the most common negation from men for my recent enthusiasm for the word “vagina,” seems to be coming from a sense of threat or competition, as if I’m trying to outdo “penis” with “vagina,” and that is so not true!

And, frankly, I want to include men and every unique expression of gender in my vision for an awesome planet of loving-sexy-beautiful relations. To have a vagina in a species that doesn’t also have penises seems pretty far out, and I have no plan to venture into that kind of science fiction here.

So, no: it’s not a sparring match of vagina versus penis.
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 I got on my latest vagina trip when I heard about an elected official in Michigan being silenced for using the word “vagina” when discussing the topic of abortion. Here is a video clip:

To try to separate the topic of abortion from the presence of female voices and the female body, including a vagina, is beyond ridiculous! It puts us in fantasyland. These details are terribly important, because they are real. It is biological and scientific.

And it’s this vision of a vagina lost in fantasyland that inspired me to have a fantasy of my own: a tattoo (it would be my first) with the word “vagina” in a visible location. Here’s my favorite idea so far…

A mermaid armband, sort of side-reclining (long and lean body, long curving tail wrapping around arm like a snake, little boobs…), with a sash that says vagina, like Miss America. Holding fire in one hand and a lotus flower in the other… stars in the sky…

The vagina, a sacred portal, is so much more than awesome.

Bless my vagina; may I be clear about what I bring into or release from my body or life.
~Tami Lynn Kent, ‘Wild Feminine’

Considering the above excerpt, the vagina itself can be seen as a metaphor for choice: what are we allowing into our sacred space, and what are we giving birth to (or letting go of)?

I want to also bless the vagina we all traversed at some point to get here. All humans either were born through the vagina or were delivered by cesarean section, and some kind of activity, or transmission happened through the vagina to cause conception or insertion into a uterus. This all happened so we could grow into the world, hopefully as wanted children!

I also seek to honor the sacred vagina that may or maybe does not exist between the urethra and anus on the underside of your pelvis. There are some male-sexed bodies that are closely aligned with what are perceived as feminine sensibilities. Perhaps there exists a spiritual vagina. And perhaps also a spiritual penis!

Join me to become a vagina defender!

5 Qualities of a Vagina Defender:

1. Dedicated to promoting the rightful use of the word “vagina” in all places.
2. Committed to celebration of and kind regard for all people, including people with vaginas (spiritual and biological).
3. Fights for the right to self-determination of people, including people with vaginas.
4. Prepared to explore the potential for pleasurable sexuality for all people, including people with vaginas.
5. Values awe and wonder for the creative life force that moves through bodies, including bodies that have vaginas.

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