Animal Research is Good!

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 18, 2012
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Ends justify the means?

As seen in a lab. Via Reddit:

One comment, via Reddit:

This is really vague. What if they are protesting something like cosmetic or household animal testing? There have been methodsproven to work for this and the EU has even passed a law that will be in complete effect in 2013 banning the sale of all cosmetic products that have been tested on animals in any stage of production. Right now they are in step 3 of 4 in the ban.

If this is what they’re protesting I think the insinuation that these people are stupid and don’t know anything is completely off base.

While some animal testing has its merits, it is over used and abused to the extreme.

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3 Responses to “Animal Research is Good!”

  1. guest says:

    agree! depends on the research. The problem is that many protesters don't distinguish. they will demonstrate in front of cancer research centers if necessary. (or random biological labs that don't even do animal testing..I have friends in labs who are in non-testing labs)

  2. Kaye says:

    What a misleading statistic. Does nothing to predict that, if we banned animal testing, we would most likely come up with different, effective and possibly even better ways to develop and improve drugs, disease treatments, and the like. We have in vitro testing, advanced imaging that can be used for testing, lifelike models, computer simulators… the list goes on. No, the ends does not justify the means in this case.

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