Are Yoga Teachers Better in Bed? ~ Alexa Maxwell

Via elephant journal
on Jun 4, 2012
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Photo credit: Dollen

Yes, yes, oh God, yes!

And here’s why:

Yoga teachers know the body.

They know theirs and they want to know yours. Your yoga teacher lover won’t be afraid to touch you. Anywhere. And she won’t be shy about touching herself, knowing what feels good, showing you what positions will hit her personal favorite spots. All this body knowledge is going to make for some powerful sex.

Yoga teachers have passion.

They have dedicated a lot of time to something that is not necessarily a lucrative profession. They have studied and asked questions. They have followed the urge to go deep in their physical, spiritual and emotional selves.

The lights are on and everybody’s home.

Your yoga teacher lover has gone through all the body image stuff and come through the other side. Yoga classes are not a place to be shy or self-conscious. She has sneakily, in the beginning, compared her body to hundreds of others and learned to see the universal beauty in every physical form instead of weighing her own deficits. She has seen her body change and grow stronger and she has witnessed this journey in others: first in classmates, then in students. She has seen young and old, fat and skinny, athletic, voluptuous, tattooed, black, brown, yellow, pink and white and seen the beauty in them all. She has undergone a spiritual journey as well as a physical one and it has lit her up in ways she never dreamed possible. She is eager to share that new wealth. Finally, she has turned back to her own physical body and learned to appreciate its strength and grace and forgiven it for its limitations.

Yoga, like the best sex, is about the journey, not goal oriented.

Yet, yogis are also pleasure-pursuers. Yoga has become a sport and like all sports, there is a high that you get when you master a pose, push a little farther, achieve the balance, go to a place that was previously unreachable. She has gotten high on her own body and she has received a contact high from others discovering their personal pleasure. She can spend all day exploring mutual pleasure with you. (Maybe learning a little about tantric sex could be great for both of you!) She can also hit it hard, fast and accurately when the occasion calls for it.

• And finally, the one you were waiting for:

How does the practice of yoga translate into a physical ability to be amazing in bed (or on the floor, table, against the wall, in the car, wherever these lovemaking sessions take place?) Strength, flexibility and endurance are components of yoga. They are also the elements that make the difference between boring same-old sex and something a little different once in a while. So enjoy exploring these things with your yogi or yogini lover because she has earned the appreciation.

Disclaimer: I have used the female pronoun here because well, because I’m a girl! But this applies to yoga guys as well—obviously!

Alexa Maxwell is a writer, teacher, traveler and student of yoga. She is a huge fan of elephant journal and is honored to be part of the herd. Watch for more posts as she attempts to maintain a steady yoga practice while solo traveling through South America. (YIKES!) You can read more at her blog, follow her on Twitter @catnipkiss or wait for her upcoming travel memoir, which is a work in progress.


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73 Responses to “Are Yoga Teachers Better in Bed? ~ Alexa Maxwell”

  1. pete says:

    Hi Alexa, the great way to analise, anything, is where did it come from?..golfers, scrapebookers etc, dont behave like they are ''enlightened'' or ''spiritual'' just because they stretch for an hour, 4 times a week, and know some Hindustani words..

    Its just alot of ''yoga'' people have a way of speaking and acting, that actually is recognisable..scrapbookers, golfers etc, dont.

    You can watch a person change as soon as they start ''yoga'', they change almost completely, to a different person, and if you act to your original personality, on the dont ''fit in''..this is molding, or training…NLP….dangerous..

    Watch how extrovert, spontaneous kids are calmed down to be like all the rest, a great book ''The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America''By Iserbyt ..shows how the taking of a childs originality is the basis for

    I did ''yoga'' for about 5 years, I never fitted in, I questioned continually, never got answers to questions, and found the exercises slowing and de-energising,thats why I gave it up.. and now I constantly get the remark, ''sorry, I am a bit out of it..Ive just done ''yoga'' ..super common..

    Analysis continually, is the way to go to higher level, self acceptance of a belief without investigation and a common thought, action acceptance, non questioning belief extremely dangerous for individuality and growth…

    All Native Cultures, continually questioned and learnt from their surroundings, never did they have a belief in..words..

    Observation of self, and Nature creates the next generation..I personally would like to see a generation of kids that know how the Sun works, Sun Earth relationship, how my body works, Live-er etc, than a regional exercise, that is regularly changed by people..''practising'' that regional exercise in a completely different country[non energetically aligned, bizarre]

    Here in ''Australia'' , we have the oldest culture on the Planet, estimates, 100, 000 years or more, who knows, I dont know a single white person who knows any of the Dreamtime ceremonies, or anything to do with our native tribal ceremonies, its laughable..
    yet they do an exercise from another country..completely, that could be 100 years old at most..terrible..its embarrasing… ''Voices of the First Day,'' Robert Lawler,,life changing book..

    This is the real danger of ''yoga'' a general sprituality that destroys all other far older cultures, by commercialism, marketing, and fear..fear of going understand and respect the culture of your land..the real culture of who you are..
    For me Alexa..its not about what I am comfortable with, its about….am I asking questions of my surroundings?, and the people I associate with?, the land I walk on, and questioning how I could help the planet, and that only comes by understanding the culture of your country..not avoiding them…which most people do here in ''australia''..very interesting times at the moment..the answers are there, outside of the comfort box…pete melov

  2. pete says:

    Hi Alexa, the great way to analise, anything, is where did it come from?..golfers, scrapebookers etc, dont behave like they are ''enlightened'' or ''spiritual'' just because they stretch for an hour, 4 times a week, and know some Hindustani words..

  3. Louise Brooks says:

    Oh for goodness sake HVBB, you sound exactly like the stubborn, humourless old farts that work in the Vatican – "only those that belief in and follow X, Y, Z, are true Catholics". Get over yourself. It is not for you to decide and judge what people get out of a philosophical system that is thousands of years old and has been exported to vastly different cultures and historical times. Any belief system evolves and adapts to the culture and needs of its new discoverers as well as the historical context they live in. This article was a light-hearted look at sex and yoga. It was not meant as a timeless writing on sexuality and yoga practice. When one becomes bogged down in intellectual methods of discovery one can quickly loose one's perspective on life and kill one's sense of humour.

  4. HVBB says:

    Precisely what Pete stated.
    I agree with this whole heartedly .

  5. HVBB says:

    I have NO tolerance for you zealots and their carnal sense of humor.
    it's actually disrespectful, as is their cultish lifestyle, to those around them, and how they view relationships as disposable, while preaching unity.

    They are all the same and are the ones that need to get over themselves.

    if you are going to do something, do it right or not at all, and don't become angry when someone points out that you aren't doing it right.

    For yoga zealots, its hilarious no one seems to know of BKS Iyengar's intolerance of ignorance.
    Actually, NONE of the spiritual masters had a tolerance for ignorance: Marpa, or even the buddha himself, Siddhartha Guatama, had a tolerance for ignorance.

    Neither do I.

    There really are specific rules. outlined and easily obtained, not that difficult to live by, because they really ARE "common sense", and what any good or mindful person should be doing as a matter of day to day life anyway, that outline the practice of yoga.

    None of that is being done by westerners, that, as Pete stated, "want to fit in".

    This is a new social club for all yoga zealots.

    A form of exercise that originally was intended to prepare for the deeper mediations the would have allowed all off them to "get over themselves", that has turned into a cultish, brainwashing, commons sense obliterating, self absorbed and narcissistic religion that is also a business being sold as religion.

    They really need to get over themselves.

  6. HVBB says:

    That first line should have read "I have no tolerance for yoga zealots" my OSX auto corrected itself.

  7. catnipkiss says:

    Yes, there is a lot of commercialism in the Western version of yoga…. but that is what brings people to it. And if just one of ten finds the connection to meditation, does some reading on the roots of yoga, the Sutras of Patanjali, starts to make connections and shares that with those around him/her, isn't that better than nobody ver "getting it" and spreading the peace? The other 9 can buy the expensive pants and drink the Kombucha lattes and wheat grass shakes or whatever, and participate in helping the economy by spending money and being arrogant – those people would be doing that no matter what "trend" they were into. And being On The Path means you are heading in a direction, right? Not saying I have arrived!
    Plus, I'm really sad that we all stopped talking about SEX (JK)……. Alexa

  8. HVBB says:

    "The path" comes form buddhism, something that those practicing yoga seem to selectively forget, and no one practicing yoga practices buddhism, and if they do, it becomes the westernized versions Ken Wilber speaks, focusing on "the narcissism of feelings".

    There is a great book called "the narcissism epidemic" and within it is detailed the results of a 15 years study that essentially says that all this "feel good" increased self esteem jibber jabber, that we have instilled in our culture (and is RAMPANT in the yoga culture) has caused a marked INCREASE of narcissism to the point that one in ten people show the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder.


    It's not that the one might get it, it's that the other nine, since yoga is obviously cliquish, have more influence to the majority and are the public image, and direct where it goes.

    They create "the path" followed and walked by most of those in yoga.

  9. Louise Brooks says:

    Wow. You really have some serious and unresolved issues with yoga. Your anger jumps off the computer screen. Seriously dude, get some help and work through whatever is causing all this. A fun and funny essay has caused so much venom to come out of you. Again, a sense of humour is all that is required in order to read and understand this essay.

  10. HVBB says:

    Wayne Dwyer, about 3 days ago posted on his page, in a picture quote format:

    "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."
    -Wayne Dwyer

    His followers, those that paid attention and didn't hang onto his every word, immediately pointed out that the quote came from Oscar Wilde, not Wayne Dwyer, and posted as much. One even said

    "that's not being yourself, Wayne!"

    oh, the irony……

    But that incident makes a point:

    apply it to yoga zealots and you realize they are all cookie cutter. Selfish, narcissistic, using

    "I found my truth…"

    as ways to excuse their malicious behavior toward others.

    Last I checked, truths were supposed to be universal.

    I have a sense of humor. I fid humor in the continued defense of the subject, which actually illustrates PRECISELY what Pete has been speaking of.
    Amazing when one is so oblivious they play right into the stereotype they created for themselves…..

    I have no unresolved issues with yoga, I just dislike those that practice it, and I dislike them for precisely the reasons mentioned by Pete and illustrated in nearly any yoga community one could visit.

    Yoga is a form of exercise designed for discipline and to allow one to not move or fidget while meditating to allow for deeper meditation.

    I recognize it's purpose and intention, have never attempted to make it any more than that, and the attempted misdirection of displacing my observations from those practicing it to the entire construct and practice itself is laughable in it's predictability.

    It ALSO plays into PRECISELY what Pete AND I have been saying.

    Thank you.

  11. catnipkiss says:

    The proof is in the pudding, as they say! since your yoga practice began, have you connected to deeper places in yourself, (and possibly connected more deeply to others) and become a kinder and more compassionate person? Has the exercise part of yoga inadvertently opened you up to exploration of your link to your community, your planet, the energy that pulses through the universe? then I think you HAVE touched on some enlightenment, found a deeper spirituality, and become a different kind of person. Maybe you originally wanted a tigher butt and some arm definition, and somehow you found something more. THAT to me is a true yogi, whether you have developed a meditation practice, know the eight limbs, read (or tried to read!) the Yoga Sutras, or any of that. Just be a nice person and realize your impact on the earth, and let yoga do for you what it does. Poseurs exist in every trend, but they are easily spotted. – Alexa

  12. HVBB says:

    And I counter if they are so easily spotted, then why do so many RULE yoga?

    You still miss the point.

    Connect deeply with others? In the yoga community, the only others they "connect" to is EACH other IN the yoga community. If you are not part of that community, you are persona non grata, as Pete and I have been attempting to point out.

    And Asana is only PART of yoga, which is only a precursor to meditation, which is a larger part, and even if THAT is done INCORRECTLY, will just reinforce the narcissism the body consciousness has already begun to feed.

    And the 8 limbs are truly common sense, such as the golden rule of "do unto others" (one selectively neglected and ignored by most yoga practitioners….) therefore I have never understood how anyone could say that they are so difficult to read.
    BKS Iyengar even made a more easily digested version.

    I feel they are not read due to ego. The ego has a way of not wanting to digest anything that threatens it. I've literally WATCHED this happen with someone. They placed themselves in their own logical morality trap and literally stated, when the ego realized this

    "Wait….something doesn't feel right….."

    and abruptly ended the conversation.

    And you guys say WE sound nuts?

    And let's go back to the fact that most yoga zealots look like they all fell into a xerox machine with the only change being the contrast settings……'s like step ford yogis…..

    An athlete, a physician, even a personal trainer or a nurse knows the body, but it doesn't make them any better in bed.

    As Yogasamurai stated, the counter balance of being a yoga zealot is that unless they are another yogi, for the most part no one wants to spend any time with yoga zealots.


    Has it ever occurred to any of them they EXCUDE narcissism and self absorption? That that connection they THINK they have is only in their own mind and people can sense that there is no connection at all?

    This is all just food for thought. 😉

    However, the term yogi, in india, is quite revered and implies that the person whom has attained that title has done EVERYTHING to live a yogic lifestyle to be considered a yogi.

    SOOOOO……if no one in the west is doing that, they are ALL poseurs.

  13. @dollen says:

    Hey, thanks for using my picture. Cool article!

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  15. Linda-Sama says:

    did John Friend really write this?

  16. catnipkiss says:

    hahahahaha 🙂 But seriously (not knowing or caring much about the whole John Friend thing) – sleeping with students is questionable but not immoral. sleeping with married people makes you slime if you are old enough to know better (except in cases of open marriages, etc, etc, etc – again, not really MY concern.) but I question that no one is upset with these married women who slept with him, because THEY are the ones breaking vows, teacher, guru, or whatnot…. hey, babe, YOU still have a husband at home! MY little soapbox, having investigated infidelity a lot in the last few years…….. – Alexa

  17. me says:

    nope, martial arts students and teachers MUCH BETTER ! and massage therapists !! and dancers!

  18. Shivin says:

    * correction – "Well if someone wants to enjoy yoga with all flexibility or someone who understands his or her body well, then I guess you must promote sex with your anatomy professor or …"

  19. catnipkiss says:

    Hi Shivin, rather than call names or tell people to ignore you, I applaud your comments and also your playfulness. Yoga means different things to different people. I am actually celibate right now myself (I know, don't blow my cover, ok?) and the article was written to be playful and fun. That's all! And to see if anyone would read it; which they did…. (yay!) And I understand the difference between a purely asana practice (exercise) and a more spiritual practice. but I do maintain that if people come to yoga, for whatever reason, they may end UP on a spiritual path. And more people who are mindful, reflective, and peaceful, the better it is for the world, right? And then I might meet someone to break my celibate streak 😉 – Alexa

  20. HVBB says:

    I must say that must be the one comment you have made that I can agree with without contest or incident.

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  22. yogibattle says:

    These articles are why I don't take Elephant Journal seriously as any kind of authority on Yoga. I guess sex sells. Very sad.