June 6, 2012

Best New {Austin} Music.

Holy Underground Mixtape #1—An Austin playlist curated by Eye in the Sky Collective.

The Holy Underground Mixtape Series features new and rising artists from different local scenes nationwide. Every month or so, the fellas over at Holy Underground—a brand new Denver-based music company & record label—will be reaching out to their friends in different cities to show a snapshot of the best music their cities have to offer.

The first installation in the series comes to us from Austin, Texas, and is curated by our friends at Eye in the Sky Collective—an organization providing an alternative model for the music industry, one that empowers independent artists to create a sustainable career and encourages fans to directly support the artists they love.

Take a listen to what we consider some of the best music coming out of Texas right nowIf you like what you hear, go buy their records and support local music.

Download the mixtape (for free) in full here.

1. The Migrant—2811 California Street
2. Wild Child—Tale of You and Me
3. Les RAV—Darkest Ft. String Quartet
4. Shakey Graves—Built to Roam
5. Whiskey Shivers – Gimmie All Your Lovin
6. Little Radar—MyMyMy
7. The Dalles—Ambulance
8. Sorne—Omnipotent
9. The Eastern Sea—A Lie
10. Jess Williamson—Kids Like Us


Founded in 2010 by Anthony Erickson, Coleman Stevenson, and Taylor Thomas, Eye in the Sky intends to build and prove a better music business model that empowers artists with tools, resources and education to maintain a sustainable career, meanwhile providing fans a direct channel to support artists and a more seamless experience with their music consumption integrated throughout all their networks and devices.


Holy Underground is a multi-faceted music company with a collective mentality. We are also a record label.


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