June 19, 2012

Calling Out the Muse. ~ Kelina Nelson

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 Write her a letter.

As a person who is aware of my strong need to always be creating something, it is hard to deal with moments of being blocked or hindered creatively. It’s like the words, the idea is almost in my grasp but alas still out of my reach. These moments bring on the worst bouts of melancholy.

But melancholy is merely a distraction. Why spend the time wallowing in your supposed mediocrity when you can get right to the source; the source being your muse.

Essentially, creators of all types want to inspire emotion but first the person creating must be inspired themselves. It is dire inspiration. It is in such high demand that we pimp our muses out at a constant.

No wonder we have moments of hindered creativity. I’d say it’s the muse taking a much needed break. Which also means that maybe you, the creator, should get a glass of water and take a moment to appreciate the quiet and write the ol’ gal a letter.

Mine went something like this:

Dear Muse,
You are the belted out verse, the hum miles down the rails. Didn’t you see it-this morn when your reflection sat in that once again puddle of an earlier rain?
You are that down-home Sage
Wanderer of the mind’s field of flowers.
You are the spice of life and I, I am always sitting at your feet.
Didn’t you see me? As I sat with my own feet embedded in this morning-kissed grass
I sang your odes, nodding, as I watched you slowly pass.
And on you went
Giving me morning well spent.

Then, just like that, because she loves to be adored, you’ve got it back.

But for how long, no one knows…

Kelina Nelson is on a mission to help make the world smile and do as many good and groovy things as possible. She’s a Mom, Love of Mr. Brown, Full-time Gardener, recovering pessimist and a writer of thoughts who knows they’ve just gotta be put to use. Contact for more: [email protected] or visit her Daily Weeds http://lovinthatlight.blogspot.com/.
Editor: Seychelles Pitton

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