June 11, 2012

Do You Trust The Universe? ~ Dr. Margaret Paul

Art: Dr. Margaret Paul

Life is much less stressful when we trust that we are always being guided in our highest good.

Imagine how you would feel if you really trusted that you are never alone and are always being guided in your highest good. That would go a long way toward helping you surrender to the process of life, release anxiety and stay in the present moment.

Take a moment and try this exercise:

Think of all the times, from your childhood up to today, when you knew you were being supported by Spirit—times you were warned of things, times when something good came from something bad, times when you were in the right place at the right time, times when you felt a presence with you, times when Spirit came through another person in the form of help or caring, times when you were deeply guided to help another, times when you knew something without knowing how you knew it.

Art: Dr. Margaret Paul

I have had thousands of times in my life when I felt the presence of Spirit.

Just today, I was driving to an appointment and I didn’t want to be late. There is construction going on where I have to drive, and every time I’ve been stopped for five to 10 minutes. Today, a couple of miles before where I’ve always had to stop, I prayed to my inner guidance that I could drive right through so I wouldn’t be late. Sure enough, just as I got to where I always had to stop, I was let through!

That is just a small example, but I’ve had huge experiences as well.

One of these was when I was driving home from the airport one night. It was about 10:00 p.m., and I was driving fairly slowly on the freeway, tired from a weekend of teaching a workshop on the East Coast. Suddenly, I heard a voice saying, clearly, “Slow down!” I was startled, thinking there was someone in my car, but thankfully I did slow down. Moments later, a drunk driver careened across the freeway directly in front of me, missing my car by inches. Had I not slowed down, I would have been broadsided.

Shaking, I realized it was my spiritual inner guidance who warned me. Usually, my inner guidance, which I will call “Guidance,” communicates with me through my feelings, images and thoughts popping into my mind. But this time she wanted to make sure I heard her, so she spoke out loud. I thanked her profusely for watching out for me.

Another major event happened 12 years ago. After living in my house in L.A. for 31 years, raising my children there and working there, I was ready to leave the city. Right after the house sold, I started to receive messages from my Guidance that I had to get everything of value to me out of my house, at least a week before escrow closed. My Guidance gave me visions of the house crumbled, but I had no idea what this meant. I thought maybe there was going to be a big earthquake.

Thankfully, I listened to her and exactly one week before escrow was to close, I had 300 boxes moved out of the house into a rental house that was my temporary living space and office until I could move.

The very next day, I had construction workers fixing termite damage under the house. As I came back from the rental house, they were coming out from under the house, bragging that they had found some black widow spiders and torched them. “Ugh,” I thought. “Even black widow spiders deserve to be treated humanely.”

I went back to the rental house and returned two hours later to seven fire engines in front of my house. The workers had torched the spiders on dry rot and set the house on fire.

A couple of months after the shock wore off, I asked my Guidance why she didn’t warn me of the fire so I could have prevented it. Here is what she said:

“You lived and worked there for 31 years, and too much of your energy was in the walls of the house. The new people moving in would have tapped into your energy and you would have gotten sick. We needed it to burn for your health.”

I was blown away. I didn’t even know that a person’s energy could go into the walls of a house! Once again, Spirit was protecting me.

In addition, I received more compensation from the insurance than I did from selling the house. What seemed like a disaster turned out to be a good thing.

Photo: Dr. Margaret Paul

These are major incidents, but as I’ve said, I’ve had thousands of minor incidents that let me know I am being guided in my highest good.

The key is to not let my ego-wounded self diminish these situations with statements like, “It’s just a coincidence.”

Sally, one of my clients, was struggling with her trust in the Universe. I asked her to think about a time when she knew she was being guided and supported.

“Well, one important time was when I was thinking of quitting college. I had gone to my college that day with the intention of quitting when I ran into an old friend. We sat and talked, and then I went home. It was only after I got home that I realized that I forgot to quit. I stayed in school and finished and it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I know that day Spirit made sure I ran into my friend so that I would forget about quitting. Another time, my baby son was in the hospital, very, very sick. The doctor said he might not survive the night. I prayed and prayed and put my body over his and sent all of my love into him. Immediately his fever went down and he was okay. God was definitely with me.”

Remembering these times helped Sally to reaffirm her trust in the universe.

I cannot think of a better way to reduce or eliminate anxiety than to decide to trust the universe. When we are in the midst of extreme difficulties, reminding ourselves that we are being guided is a powerful way to stay present and centered and handle the difficulties.

Because we have free will, each of us has the option of deciding to trust that we are truly being supported by the universe, that even very challenging situations are all opportunities to evolve our soul in love—toward ourselves and others. Life is filled with ups and downs, with good times and bad.

It’s important to realize that when bad things happen, it does not mean that we are not being supported and guided in our soul’s journey. Inner peace comes when we trust that the universe always supports our highest good.


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