June 4, 2012

Get Inspired: MoveShake Online Film Premier, June 7.

What moves you to shake things up?

For Allie Bombach and Sarah Menzies, the answer to that question might be: Stories. The two filmmakers (and elefriends) will be launching a film series dedicated to profiling inspiring change-makers throughout the world.

“I want to reach people who already care about an environmental or social issue near them, but feel paralyzed in helping the cause,” says director Allie Bombach (an inspiring mover and shaker herself), “Seeing people who make change as real people verses super heroes will hopefully help people see that they too can make a change.”

The first two films, which premier online this June 7, feature Shannon Galpin and Julio Solis, whose own personal stories gave them the impetus and the experience to make big waves in the issues they care about. Shannon, a mother, a rape survivor and the founder of Mountain2Mountain, works to bring education and opportunity to girls growing up in conflict regions, like Afghanistan. Julio Solis, a former turtle poacher in Baja, Mexico, now runs a non-profit dedicated to saving those same turtles, and Baja’s other natural resources.


So if change-makers are really just human like everyone else, what is it that helps them to accomplish to much?

“One thing I have learned that all of these people have in common is that there is no such thing as Impossible,” says Allie, who doesn’t try to gloss over the hard work that being a Change-Maker requires, “Writing your own blueprint for positive change takes an extraordinary amount of courage, dedication, and self pep-talks.”

But it’s worth it.

“It’s not for everyone. But what is for everyone, and what we should all learn from people who take the leap into making change, is that nothing will fulfill your life more than standing up for what you believe in. “

To view the online premier of the first two short films in the series, followed by a live Q&A with Shannon Galpin and Allie Bombach, head over to MoveShake.org on Thursday, June 7 from 7-9pm MDT.

So, what’s the biggest lesson Allie has learned from spending so much time with these Movers and Shakers?

“Your attitude is your greatest asset. If things get difficult, you have the gumption to keep going. If you get tired, take a power nap and then keep going. If its scary, stare it in the face and then keep going. If the process is difficult, exhausting, and scary all at once? It’s working.”

Whew! The premier is free, open to anyone with a computer screen and wifi connection, and is sure to be inspiring!

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