In a Dog’s Heart. {Book Review}

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It’s obvious that Jennifer Arnold loves dogs, and she’d better; as founder of Canine Assistants, she’s been working with them steadily for the past 20 years.

Her first book, Through A Dog’s Eyes encouraged the us to reconsider our relationships with dogs and advocated for Choice Teaching versus Dominance Theory of dog training. I implemented her suggestions with my dog, and I can tell you that her suggestions changed my relationship with my dog for the better.

Her new book, In A Dog’s Heart examines our responsibility to our dogs, covering everything from what to put in a doggie first-aid kit to diet to veterinary care, and includes several appendices to help with what to do in a veterinary emergency, how to teach a dog various behaviors, and so forth.

The only part of the book that is more than a bit awkward is the specific product and brand mentions early in the book (there are three of them). These come across as obvious product placements for organizations that sponsor her, which did tend to jolt me out of the text for a bit, but fortunately, these didn’t detract from the overall book.

In A Dog’s Heart is well-written and I recommend it as heartily as I do the first, whether you own a dog now or are thinking of getting one.

Find it at your local, independent bookseller.


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