June 13, 2012

Jyotish Horoscopes and Transits for 6.4 to 6.17

Horoscopes and Transits for June 4th – 17th 2012

The lesson which life repeats and constantly enforces is “look under foot.”  You are always nearer the divine and the true source of your power than you think.  The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great opportunity is where you are. Do not despise your own place and hour. Every place is under the stars, every place is the center of the world. ~ John Burroughs

 From book The Rest of your Life: Finding Repose In the Beloved

Surya (Sun) in Taurus, moving through Rohini and Mrgasiras nakshatra and into Gemini 6.14.

Chandra (Moon) now waning (dark half). Passing through Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and into Taurus. Exalted in Taurus 6.16. Lunar eclipse and full moon on 6.4. For daily Chandra nakshatra updates, go to my FB page.

Mangal (Mars) in Leo in Purvaphalguni nakshatra, moving to Uttaraphalguni on 6.14.

Guru (Jupiter) in Taurus in Krittika nakshatra.

Shukra (Venus) in its own sign of Taurus, retrograde. Passing through Mrgasiras and back to Rohini nakshatra on 6.3.

Sani (Saturn) retrograde, in Virgo, sitting in Chitra nakshatra.

Budha (Mercury) in Gemini on 6.14 in Mrgasiras nakshatra, Ardra nakshatra on 6.7 and Punarvasu on 6.14.

Rahu in Scorpio, debilitated. Sitting in Anuradha nakshatra.

Ketu in Taurus, debilitated. Sitting in Rohini Nakshatra.

We have had several weeks of intense Taurus focus, as well as Scorpio due to planetary aspects. The intensity starts to break up a bit now as we have only four planets currently in Taurus and Surya/Sun moves to Gemini on 6.14, leaving only three planets there at that point. Expect some resolutions, some clarity and ease around relationships, material existence and sustenance.

Though Venus is currently sitting in Taurus, Ketu is with it there too (and it’s debilitated) and it is also now retrograde which changes the expression of this experience dramatically. Retrograde Venus can kick up our love, relationship and romance issues, can create new or unusual love, or could bring something to you from the past that was lost.

Venus is at home in Taurus and feels comfortable expressing love, wealth and abundance on the material plane of existence. Ketu on the other hand, is all Moksha! (No one ever said that was comfortable!) Ketu is also considered debilitated in Taurus. You may feel some issues come up right now with harmonizing your inner and outer experiences and desires.

You may want relationships, money, etc. but may be afraid of it all at the same time. Are all the old fears coming up? Is it too good to last? Is this worth my effort and energy? This is Ketu having his way with you and reminding you to look beyond the surface. He snips the ties that bind us to the material world—so for the next few months (until July 31st) we will all, in our own way, experience some fumbling, some movement, some reorganization and some new, forward expansion in the area of romance, passion, love, money, material abundance and comforts. None of us will be the same come August!

On June 4th, Venus transits back into Rohini nakshatra. Ketu is sitting in Rohini nakshatra right now. Rohini is ruled by Brahma, the creator, also known as Prajapati, the lord of progeny. This is a creative and artistic star and since the wife of Brahma, goddess Saraswati, is the embodiment of art, knowledge and wisdom, creative expression is exemplified here.

There is strong passion in this nakshatra, especially sexually. This nakshatra reminds us to pay attention to the spiritual, the source of all creativity, and to not become lost in material gain. This is a good time to put focus on that which you are creating in your life. What are your true desires and manifestations that you wish to birth into reality?

Intensity mounts as Sun/Surya and Venus/Shukra get closer and closer in degrees eventually becoming combust on 6.5 at 20:07 CDT in Rohini nakshatra. The heat of the Sun and the ease and grace of Venus don’t often mix well. This is a time to be careful with cars, women, creativity and self-expression. Keep it cool and calm as much as possible and watch out for car issues as well as concerns with your relationships intensifying.

Rahu is in Anuradha nakshatra, the friendly star. The residing deity here is Mitra, a form of the Sun and relating to friendships, partnerships and alliances as well as the light of day time. Mitra is helpful and supportive, like a trustworthy friend and helps us to build cooperation, lead and organize, in order to attain a common goal.

Mars/Mangal is sitting in Leo in the nakshatra of PurvaPhalguni—a nakshatra connected to Bhaga, an Aditya known for giving wealth and happiness. He also presides over love, affection between the sexes and marriage. There is a sense of joy and love of life here as well as creative expression, music and dance, an understanding of the creative process. Mars here will bring up cravings and evaluations of marriage and the pleasures of such agreements.

There will be a drive to create, unify and inspire. Look for the passion. On 6.14 Mars/Mangal moves to UttaraPhalguni. This nakshatra has more to do with what it takes to sustain a relationship or why relationships sustain themselves. The deity that rules this nakshatra is Aryaman and he gives sustenance, health and strength in the body. He gives prosperity through marriage, unions, accumulation of wealth and family. Look for increased tenacity through business, and finances. This could also be a good time to finalize contracts that will be lasting and sustainable.

Mercury/Budha moves to its own sign of Gemini on 6.4 and travels through the nakshatras Mrigasiras, Ardra on 6.7 and into Punarvasu on 6.14. The mind, communication and commerce will be jumping from fickleness and change, to intense emotion and  deconstruction into nourishment and pacification. Look for some greater ease and satisfaction in these areas after 6.14.

Saturn is also creating an interesting dynamic for all of us. It moves back into Virgo on the 16th—until mid July when it returns to Libra for the next two years. In the midst of all of these other planetary changes, we have Saturn, the often grueling planet of enlightenment, moving as well! This retrograde motion, and its movement back a sign, will bring up unattended business from the past. Look for things that didn’t get said, healing that didn’t take place, and things that you wished you’d put more emphasis on, all coming back to you.

Saturn is currently sitting in Chitra nakshatra whose deity is Visvakarma—the divine architect. Vishvakarma is known for his construction- construction of ornaments, art, chariots- and is called upon by those whose skill requires his assistance. He is concerned with planning, figuring out what and how to build. Literally the entire zodiac was build by Vishvakarma. Look for insights, new skills and building of things through business, healing, and creativity at this time. Since Saturn is retrograde, look for some clean up from the past, some insights returning or making things more solid than they were before. Solidify, clarify, create. Learn and expand

Currently Jupiter is in Krittika nakshatra. This nakshatra is ruled by agni, the sacred fire of purification. Agni rules over digestion: digestion of food, our environment, our emotions etc and brings us insight. There is a correlation to the third eye and higher knowledge. When our Ajna chakra is open and clear, our offerings and prayers are heard by the gods. This can be a time of sharpness, clear perception and insight. Use this time to purify negative thoughts, old behaviors that are keeping you from experiencing abundance and expect direct speech. Also be direct with your desires. Use this time to make your intentions known to the Gods. Look for knowledge coming to you that enhances your life.

Additionally, there has been a lot of energy and attention on the sign of Scorpio right now (energetically, the 8th house) through planetary aspects. Rahu which is sitting there currently in debilitation is being aspected by Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Ketu and Venus from the sign of Taurus, as well as Mars and Saturn from Leo and Virgo respectively. By 6.4, this breaks up a bit when Mercury/Budha moves to Gemini and then on 6.14 when Sun moves to Gemini, only six of the nine planets will connect with Scorpio. Scorpio and the 8th house are all about transcendence and creating awareness from the darkness, the hidden aspects of life and consciousness. This is truly a time of ripping off the veils, the bandages, the ego, the mundane, the old, the wounded, the suffering. If ever there was a time to reincarnate your self, rise like a phoenix or just get shit done, this is the time! Use this time wisely.

As you read over the planets, their placements, the current nakshatras, do you notice any symbolism, any themes? It is an amazing time of restructuring and reorganization. Contracts are crumbling and new ones are being created. Relationships are coming together, others are being shredded. Passion is at an all time high. Desires are strong, Creativity is being ignited. Clarity is being offered, if we take the time to remove the veils. Energy is high. Remember to take time for silence in the heat of it all. Find time for listening, being still. Greater insight and power will come from that stillness. Acknowledge the unknown and let it be a source of strength rather than anxiety and confusion.

Aries: The focus for you is on comforts, deeper learning, relationships, uncovering the hidden and mystical realms, passion, children, finding greater courage and creativity. Use your powerful voice, repair and mend fences (internally and externally). Trust your instincts. Look for bad habits and eradicate them like the plague.

Taurus: You still have a lot of planetary action in your first house. Still got a power high? You are learning about the deeper dimensions of Self and relationships and uncovering layers that you didn’t even know existed. Expect greater comfort with communication and commerce after 6.4. Learning the art of communication is crucial for you right now. Chandra/moon exalted in Taurus 6.16/17. Expect a power surge.

Gemini: Suddenly your mind just surrendered and found its grace. You may still be dreaming, but these dreams are becoming reality. Move out of your own way and prepare for restructuring and resurrection. Travel and find a new home- metaphorically or literally. Expand your mind even if it resists. Wear a helmet. 

Cancer: Feeling lucky yet? Buy a lotto ticket, shoot some craps, make a wager. Winning is in your favor. The foreign, the different and seeking big change, have caught your fancy. If you’re looking for something different, start with your self. Get courageous and let go of unnecessary baggage and restraints. Removing relationships and mental clutter that have become energy drains will make room for new abundance and creativity. Legally change your name to Money Bags.

Leo: I imagine you inside a brightly colored Chinese dragon, making your way through an exciting parade. You’re gaining the momentum, the grace and the fancy attire. Some of it is making more sense now. Other parts are still shrouded. Your desire for the foreign and exciting travel are both making you day dream, but the demands of career force you back to the present. See this is as a metaphor for life. Find the balance between inner and outer. Relative and absolute. 

Virgo: Check your disgruntlement at the door. Muster up some innate bravery and grab your slice of the pie. What flavor do you want?! Your courage may be hidden but you’re gearing up for something more prominent. Trust your self to succeed. Use the grace of your inner guru to relate to others, expand and promote. Feeling slow and sluggish? Maximize it. Go inward at all costs.

Libra: Your guru is the mind and communication right now. Upgrade your marketable skills and dig below the surface. You’re craving the new, the extraordinary.  But it takes baby steps in order to find success. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Buff your sharp edges. Take your dreams seriously. Learn to cast spells. Magic is simple.

Scorpio: It’s just starting to get interesting over here! You are becoming a foreigner in your own life. A new character in your personal melodrama. What is that? A stroke of genius or luck? Let’s call it both. New relationships are helping you maximize your existence. Your worldly success is gaining momentum. Don’t forget your gratitude and grace. Re-charge the inner realms and clear your mind through meditation.  Write poetry and love letters. Send them to your self and your lover. You are the mirror.

Sagittarius: Eradicate bad habits and clean up your diet. The biggest enemy you face is your Self. It may feel like pressures are mounting but look for deeper meaning in everything. Be radical in your self-preservation tactics. Hating your work? Feeling like dharma is in reverse? What can shift right now? What can shift in your relationships? The mind is a powerful tool….Reach for your parachute.

Capricorn: Some of your courage is in hiding. A crouching tiger, and a hidden dragon come to mind. Your mind is able to help you now in a bigger way, let it do its job with minimal distraction and effort. Less is more. In other words, get out of your own way. Meanwhile back at the ranch, you’re still waving your passion flag. Look for the right horse to win the race. 

Aquarius: Between career and the personal life, you’re juggling a full plate. If possible, retreat inside and make sure to meditate. Maintain a compassionate heart and let it be stoked with a few pokes and some kindling. Think of your heart like a marshmallow. It doesn’t take much to soften it and get it gooey. Charring can happen in a matter of seconds. Some people like a crusty, burnt s’more, but a little goes a long way in my book. Too much of a good thing will give you a belly ache.

Pisces: Your biggest focus right now is on your personal courage, gaining clarity in speech, communication and mind. Get radical with your relationships and clean up any bad habits. Watch your diet and find strength in your inner beauty, rhythm and artistry. Trust your self to be beyond some of the old habits. Trust your new mind and your desires to be fulfilled to float you now. The rest is just a test to your inner solidarity.


*Jyotish (Vedic astrology) predates Western astrology and many consider it to be more precise and accurate. My weekly updates are based on your Jyotish rising sign, but could be viewed from your Sun or Moon sign as well as your Navamsa. As always, individual birth chart and chart specific details will modify an individual’s experience. For more information about your Jyotish rising sign, contact me here.


Editor: Kate Bartolotta

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