June 19, 2012

Jyotish Transits & Horoscopes for 6.18-7.01.

Transits for June 18th—July 1st 2012

“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.” ~ Hafiz

Surya (Sun) in Gemini in Mrigasiras nakshatra and into Ardra nakshatra on 6.21.

Chandra (Moon) now waning (dark half). New moon on 6.19 and then begins waxing (bright half). Moon passes through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. Exalted in Taurus 6.16-6.18. For daily Chandra nakshatra updates, go to my FB page.

Mangal (Mars) in Leo in Uttaraphalguni. Moves to Virgo on 6.21.

Guru (Jupiter) in Taurus in Krittika nakshatra. Moves to Rohini nakshatra on 6.29.

Shukra (Venus) in its own sign of Taurus, retrograde in Rohini nakshatra. Goes direct on 6.27.

Sani (Saturn) retrograde, in Virgo, sitting in Chitra nakshatra. Goes direct on 6.25.

Budha (Mercury) in Gemini in Punarvasu nakshatra. Moves to Cancer on 6.21 and into Pushya nakshatra on 6.23.

Rahu in Scorpio, debilitated. Sitting in Anuradha nakshatra.

Ketu in Taurus, debilitated. Sitting in Krittika nakshatra.

Like the tail end of a cold, when the congestion starts to break up and you can finally start breathing through both nostrils again- and it feels so good, so normal—this is the feeling you might have with the planets right now. The stale-mate of five planets in Taurus is over, the multiple aspects on Scorpio, the solar/lunar eclipses, the retrograde motion of Venus and Saturn, the grueling pressure of it all, is finally softening, breaking up and floating us forward. It’s softer now, can you feel it?

I didn’t say perfect. In fact, all that got sifted out over the last few months and weeks is now at the surface and very obvious if you’ve been paying even an iota of attention. The shreds that remain are the nuts and bolts that want your focus. They are the squeaky door. These are the attention seeking issues. Don’t sweep them under the rug now. Attend to these needs, desires and focuses and finish up these loose ends now once and for all.

It’s a good time to get further clarity and create a more brilliant life for your Self. Do what it takes to sparkle and do the cleaning and polishing that it takes to get a good soul shine. The many shifts that are coming towards us over the next weeks are discussed below. Enjoy the ride!

After an unusually long stay in Leo over the last few months, Mars/Mangal, moves to Virgo on 6.21.  Mars has been happy in Leo, most of us got a lot done. Passions were high, desires escalated and power was equalized to some degree. It was nice while it lasted. Mars in Virgo will be a different experience. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, Mars and Mercury aren’t too friendly. But we can expect some mental clarity, if not rigidity to enter from stage right.

The next two months can be good for problem solving, speaking directly, creating correct boundaries and perseverance. Or they could bring ill communications, exasperation, mental burn-out and the like. Let’s play smart and not create months of phone tag. Use this time to use the directness of Mars and the mental clarity of Mercury to your benefit.

Mars is currently in UttaraPhalguni nakshatra which has to do with what it takes to sustain a relationship or why relationships sustain themselves. The deity that rules this nakshatra is Aryaman and he gives sustenance, health and strength in the body. He gives prosperity through marriage, unions, accumulation of wealth and family. Look for increased tenacity through business, and finances. This could also be a good time to finalize contracts that will be lasting and sustainable. Find the clarity you need to move forward in your relationships—self and otherwise.

Mercury/Budha also moves into a new sign on 6.21, from its own sign of Gemini to Cancer. Mercury had an extremely short stint in Gemini this year and hastily hops into Cancer, the water sign and emotional crab. This transit can bring up emotional/mental expression as well as inner creativity and creative expression. Get your pen ready, writing your thoughts and emotions down will be imperative and cathartic over the next month.

This is especially true right now as Mercury is in Punarvasu nakshatra, a lunar constellation known for its poetic inspiration and written outpouring. On 6.23, when Mercury moves into Pushya nakshatra, look for writing, creative expression and communication more as nourishment for the soul. You will experience it as food for the heart and mind. Drink it up.

Over the last few months, we’ve also been surrendering to retrograde planets on top of the rest of the calamities. Saturn/Sani, the slowest moving planet, has been doing funny little dances between Libra (its sign of exaltation) and Virgo (a sign it is happy in) and goes direct again on 6.25, though will still be sitting in Virgo until first part of August. Saturn in Virgo brings focus, persistence and a need for silence.

There may be a greater desire to be of service in some way. Perhaps this is a good time to do seva work, volunteer your time or feed the birds. Just don’t pile too much on your plate! Remember that Mars is also moving into Virgo so there will be a tussle between these energies of “do” and “don’t” until the end of July. Mars is the dynamic “doer” and wants it now! Saturn wants you to sit on it, wait a minute and will make you suffer through the waiting. By the time you get it, you may feel it’s a big yawn.

For now, be a witness to your desires, your actions and your passions. What has to be down now? What can wait? What are you procrastinating on? What have you been rushing? What needs a little more time and nurturing? Drop the anger and frustration—you’re only hurting yourself.

Saturn is currently sitting in Chitra nakshatra whose deity is Visvakarma, the divine architect. Vishvakarma is known for his construction—construction of ornaments, art, chariots—and is called upon by those whose skill requires his assistance. He is concerned with planning, figuring out what and how to build. Literally the entire zodiac was build by Vishvakarma. Look for insights, new skills and building of things through business, healing, and creativity at this time. Solidify, clarify, create. Learn and expand.

Venus has also been retrograde for over a month and creating pressures of the past through relationships and the like. On 6.27, Venus goes direct again, but will still be in its own sign of Taurus. Venus is at home in Taurus and feels comfortable expressing love, wealth and abundance on the material plane of existence.

Ketu, on the other hand, who happens to be sitting in Taurus as well, is all Moksha! (No one ever said that was comfortable!) Ketu is also considered debilitated in Taurus. You may feel some issues come up right now with harmonizing your inner and outer experiences and desires. You may want relationships, money, etc. but may be afraid of it all at the same time. Are all the old fears coming up? Is it too good to last? Is this worth my effort and energy? This is Ketu having his way with you and reminding you to look beyond the surface. He snips the ties that bind us to the material world, so for the next few months (until July 31st) we will all, in our own way, experience some fumbling, some movement, some reorganization and some new, forward expansion in the area of romance, passion, love, money, material abundance and comforts. None of us will be the same come August!

Venus is currently transiting Rohini nakshatra (Jupiter enters it on 6.29) which is ruled by Brahma, the creator, also known as Prajapati, the lord of progeny. This is a creative and artistic star and since the wife of Brahma, goddess Saraswati, is the embodiment of art, knowledge and wisdom, creative expression is exemplified here. There is strong passion in this nakshatra, especially sexually. This nakshatra reminds us to pay attention to the spiritual, the source of all creativity, and to not become lost in material gain. This is a good time to put focus on that which you are creating in your life. What are your true desires and manifestations that you wish to birth into reality? Use this time to expand your creative endeavors.

Sun/Surya is now in Gemini, the twins are being illuminated. What is your dual nature like? Who are your twins? Seek awareness in your inner and outer. Your beast and your beauty. Your shadow and your light. Your silent observer and your outgoing party animal who craves attention. Your performer and your audience. Where do these aspects of your self intersect? Where do they separate like oil and water? Like a parent who has to love his or her children equally, see if you can find some love for your full range of characters this month. Open Pandora’s box and let it air out for a while.

On 6.21, Sun moves into Ardra nakshatra and the above will really be a worthy mention. Ardra nakshatra is known for its intense emotion. When was the last time you cried? Felt the pain of it all? When was the last time you flapped your wings and clucked like a chicken? Maybe its time for a little schizophrenic emotional intensity. Experience your range this month—yell, scream, punch pillows, then laugh, cry, rejoice in the brilliance of this amazingly magical life. When you’re done with all that, draw it, paint it, dance it out. Put some color and shape to it. Put a little sweat to it. Pour it all onto the page, then read it to your lover. Your Self.

Currently Jupiter/Guru and Ketu are in Krittika nakshatra. This nakshatra is ruled by agni, the sacred fire of purification. Agni rules over digestion—digestion of food, our environment, our emotions etc and brings us insight. There is a correlation to the third eye and higher knowledge. When our Ajna chakra is open and clear, our offerings and prayers are heard by the gods. This can be a time of sharpness, clear perception and insight.

Use this time to purify negative thoughts, old behaviors that are keeping you from experiencing abundance and expect direct speech. Also be direct with your desires. Use this time to make your intentions known to the Gods. Look for knowledge coming to you that enhances your life. Jupiter moves to Rohini nakshatra on 6.29. See above for Rohini’s indications and look for Jupiters expansive qualities to bring you some illumination.

Rahu sits in Scorpio right now (albeit debilitated) which gives a transfer of energy to the 8th house which is all about transcendence and creating awareness from the darkness, the hidden aspects of life and consciousness. This is truly a time of ripping off the veils, the bandages, the ego, the mundane, the old, the wounded, the suffering. If ever there was a time to reincarnate your self, rise like a phoenix or just get shit done, this is the time! Use this time wisely.

Rahu is in Anuradha nakshatra, the friendly star. The residing deity here is Mitra, a form of the Sun and relating to friendships, partnerships and alliances as well as the light of day time. Mitra is helpful and supportive, like a trustworthy friend and helps us to build cooperation, lead and organize, in order to attain a common goal. Rahu is worldly and has an insatiable appetite for the material plane of existence. Seek partnerships that help you move forward with life goals and aspirations. You will get support at this time if it’s life-supporting.

Aries: Progress can now be made with comforts, deeper learning, relationships, uncovering the hidden and mystical realms, passion, children, finding greater courage and creativity. Guru, father and creativity get an extra spark of inspiration right now. Re-ignite your desire for the spiritual and be courageous in your pursuits.

Remember your wish list? The one that had all your highest desires on it? The one where you reached for the stars and the moon? Yeah. That one. Dust it off, laminate it and keep it with you at all times. Communicate about the heart, the home, the temple. Use your powerful voice, repair and mend fences (internally and externally). Trust your instincts. Look for bad habits and eradicate them like the plague.

Taurus: After the power surge, what happened? You may be in a state of re-organization still, in the midst of giddiness or grappling with disbelief, or perhaps all of the above. Though three planets remain in your first house, the dust is beginning to settle now. How does it feel and who are you now? Communication is getting illuminating. Your mind is getting bold and courageous.

Passion and intelligence are working out a tussle or two. Continue to peel back the layers of the onion. Cry a little. Or a lot. Revisit your list of priorities and desires. What kind of space have you made now for the sacred, the mundane, the spiritual, the unknown, the highest, the love you yearn for? This is a time to enter into sacred union. Who is joining you?!

Gemini: You just became a light bulb. Flip the switch and get your glow on. Communicate about it. Share your light. Wear sunglasses and watch for heat stroke. Your dreams are getting more normal, or normal is becoming like your dreams perhaps. During all of this illumination, look more deeply at the war going on in your heart, with your home and over earthy matters.

Whether you like it or not, see it or not, they intersect at your mother. Communicate with Ma, your inner mother, your real mother. Find a new balance point with feminine energy within and hit re-set, then hit the Moksha button and prepare for blast off. Continue to uncover some old, bad habits and shine your light on them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Cancer: Your mouth just got an upgrade. It is now functioning more seamlessly with your mind. The results are courageous communication and bolder activation. Illuminating and accurate dreams. Random and not so random acts of kindness. A new sense of purpose. Don’t think of what you can’t do, what can’t be done right now, or how you might fail or falter. Think of only success, personal power and precision in action. There is luck to be had right now, is there space for it on your iCal?!

The foreign, the different, big life changes, have all caught your fancy. All change begins within. Get courageous and let go of unnecessary baggage and restraints. Removing relationships and mental clutter that have become energy drains will make room for new abundance and creativity. Make a few trips to Goodwill if necessary.

Leo: A certain Rumi quote comes to mind “If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” Something is chappin’ your hide. You should feel more comfortable, but suddenly you are feeling less so. You want some big stuff and it should have been delivered to your front door last week on a silver plate with free shipping. What gives? Oh, it still hasn’t arrived?

Here’s a timely hint: You’re not ready yet. You think you are, but you aren’t quite ready. Tie your shoe laces, put on your crisp, new shirt, use some hair product, brush your teeth. Did you forget to dream last night? Did you forget to meditate? Did you forget to dust behind the sofa? There’s something that still needs your attention. Look for it. Then wait…. Did you hear that?! That’s the good stuff that’s coming.

Virgo: You’re ready to step out in your finery and cause a big to-do. We’ve missed you, Virgo! Funny, from your new vantage point, your desires have changed quite a bit too. Oh sure, you’re still working on radical self-improvement and tending the inner flame. That hasn’t shifted. But suddenly your home and career have gotten your attention. Dare to dream big. Dare to let your mind expand.

Your courage and self-determination are actively being tested right now. Don’t trip up and get eaten by the monsters of your mind. Go where the wild things are. Porridge will be waiting for you when you arrive home. Trust your self to succeed. Use the grace of your inner guru to relate to others, expand and promote.

Libra: The dance between outer and inner continues. Do you know how to waltz? How about swing, the foxtrot, salsa, the electric slide?! Grab a partner or take the dance floor alone, either way you are gettin’ thrown to the vultures. (Vultures = the unknown). Here’s what every good dancer needs: the proper attire, a good attitude, a desire to get better, knowing when to leave problems at the door, being able to ask for help and repetition when necessary, big dreams, diamonds on the souls of their feet.

Communication is your guru right now. Communicate with your posture, your words, your thoughts, intuition…Speak these words like they are your job. You will be rewarded.

Scorpio: This is the time of year when Sun goes into your inner cave (i.e. 8th house). It’s a a rest phase, a time of restructuring. Some may call it a low point, but I see it as a time for turning on the inner light and preparing for the next phase of outer shining. Let go of doing the big and bold right now. Work on making connections that could lead to something lasting later on.

Your luck and money will have a tussle this month as well. So amp it down, reconfigure your life and prepare to power up again shortly. Organize, dream, focus, rearrange, detox, heal and prep for what’s to come. Re-charge the inner realms and clear your mind through meditation and Self care. Bedazzle your soul from the inside out.

Sagittarius: Career pressure is mounting. It will take the right connections to make this ship float. Fortunately you are in a place to make these happen. Make sure they are a higher vibration- ask for an upgrade with your relations in other words. You are examining your self and your life through a microscope right now. What is growing in your petri dish? Perhaps it’s time to clean out the refrigerator. Eradicate bad habits and clean up your diet—the emotional, environmental and physical food that you ingest.

As per usual, the biggest enemy you face is yourself. It may feel like pressures are mounting, but look for deeper meaning in everything. Use the scientific method to get to the bottom of your quandries: ask a question, do background research, construct a hypothesis, test your hypothesis by doing an experiment, analyze your data and draw a conclusion, communicate your results. Then patent your results and laissez les bons temps rouler.

Capricorn: Be on the lookout for banditos and carry your truth pistola with you at all times. (You look great in a red bandana btw). Some parts of your life and some of those folks you’ve been calling friends for a while, turns out they ain’t the best for you. They’re after your moonshine. It’s time to weed ‘em out. Give ‘em the stink eye. Go ninja on ‘em. Drop the love bombs like it’s WW III and walk off into the sunset like the rest is history.

Your heart/mind is able to help you now in a bigger way, let it do its job with minimal distraction or effort. Less is more. In other words, get out of your own way. Meanwhile back at the ranch, you’re still waving your passion flag. Take an extra lap with it.

Aquarius: There’s a lot going on here for you in the game of life. Your worldly pursuits are amplifying and simultaneously your inner life is vibrating at an all time high as well.  Between career and the personal life, you’re juggling a full plate. Play your cards right. Watch the other players carefully and then make your play. Communicate passionately, attend to your personal needs. Do whatever it takes to win.

What does it mean to be a winner? Do you arrive at the finish line with grace? Do you arrive out of breath and gasping for air? Do you arrive walking, running, sprinting or dancing? With flair or blend right into the crowd? Set your self up for success and bring home a trophy.

Pisces: Your mantra: Heyam Dukham Anagatam. Avert the danger that has not yet come. Avoid the suffering. Let me break it down for you like Michael Jackson in Thriller. Your heart is on fire. You want. You yearn. You lust. Your relationship behavior is erratic right now with the planet of go in your seventh house as well as the planet of stop there as well. Yes or no? Start it or end it?

Simultaneously your biggest focus right now is on your personal courage, gaining clarity in speech, communication and mind. This translates as clear heart/mind communication. Get a tutor if necessary. Know what you want, what you deserve, and even when tempted to fall off the wagon, muster up some courage to hold true to your desires. Get radical with your relationships and clean up any bad habits. Find strength in your beauty, rhythm and artistry.

*Jyotish (Vedic astrology) predates Western astrology and many consider it to be more precise and accurate. My weekly updates are based on your Jyotish rising sign, but could be viewed from your Sun or Moon sign as well as your Navamsa. As always, individual birth chart and chart specific details will modify an individual’s experience. For more information about your Jyotish rising sign, contact me here.


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