June 17, 2012

Kissed in a Moment, Caught in Time. ~ Amanda Robb

Sometimes in our hurriedness we can forget how  just one kiss can stop time and remind us our heart can beat to another’s drum.

Lips parted, slightly, in readiness for touch.  The tongue dances in waiting and glides itself slowly over the lips, causing them moist and inviting to touch. The tongue slides back into the mouth and settles in anticipation to reappear, and in angst to be needed once more…

Breath is heated and quickened with each move closer to touch. With any palpable movement, the breath engenders a gasp in arousal and knowing of what to come. The breath is responsive to chemistry and allows itself time to build, owning its place in arousal.

Head is gently arched, raising the jaw to accommodate willingness in its composure. Thin scented strands of hair fall down over the forehead and cover cheeks that are rogue and warm to touch.

Animalistic in their stare, the eyes are wide open and aware in a softness most tempting and inviting to their gage. Their other, who stands before them, accepts the invitation to pleasure and leans forth. In one deliberated moment, the two connect and deliver, the kiss.

When was the last time you were really kissed?

Amanda Joy Robb lives in Sydney, Australia where she works as a Sexologist/Sex Therapist and Media Commentator. Feeding her passion in supporting women, Amanda also works for a feminist organization where she is able to empower and support survivors of sexual trauma. Amanda easily gets excited over quality music, yoga, boxing, cats and putting pen to paper about anything and everything she can to do with the wonderful world of sexology.


Editor: Ryan Pinkard

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