Shake Your Foundation by Giving Love Away. ~ David Good

Via David Good
on Jun 24, 2012
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Here’s a crazy thought: instead of keeping your heart locked up, try the opposite and open your heart. In the end, you will attract more love.

The heart lives in our ribcage, surrounded by 12 ribs on each side, covered by our sternum in front (also called your breast bone) and the spine in back to protect the rear. Everything is held together by ligaments and intercostal muscles, shrink wrapped to protect one of the most important parts of our human machine. Our heart is like a lonely animal locked in a cage, ready to jump out and spread its wings. It just wants to share love and be loved.

Shake your heart up by adding some conscious breathing techniques called, “Complete Breath.Lie on your back in savasana, corpse pose, and place one hand on your belly and one on your chest. Start to breathe into your belly and take it up to your chest.

Then place your hands on your side rib cage. Send the next breaths into your belly, chest and side ribs. Be very conscious and slow. For the final stop, breathe into your belly, chest, side ribs and into your back. Feel your back press against the mat and floor.

This four part breath makes more space in the ribcage and starts to open the intercostal muscles that hold the ribs together. Warning: the intercostal muscles may be sore the next day, but what a good sore it is.

After you have mastered this breathing in savasana, take it to a seated position and add it into a meditation. Count out 100 breathes. It will be the slowest, best heart opener you have ever expereienced. Then add it into your moving practice, following the four part breath with movement.

It might slow your practice down, but that is a good thing.

Try to add some heart openers to your next practice while you follow this breath

>>Bhujangasana—Cobra Pose

>>Purvottanasana—Upward Plank Pose

>>Urdhva Dhanurasana—Upward Facing Bow

>>Supported Setu Bandha Sarvangasana—Restorative Supported Bridge Pose

Try to add some poses that concentrate the breath to the back body as well.

>>Savasana on your belly

>>Adho Mukha Svanasana—Downward Facing Dog

>>Balasana—Child’s Pose

As you get comfortable and start to master this new breath, add a twist into the mix to see if you can still keep up with your “Complete Breath.”

>>Ardha Matsyendrasana—Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

>>Marichyasana III—Sage Pose

>>Parvrita Uttanasana—Twisted Forward Fold

The more love you dish out the more you get in return. It inspires the people around you to follow suit. You might start a revolution.

David Good teaches his complete breath in his classes and workshops. His intention is to inspire others to build a strong foundation in their practice and life. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter @davidgoodyoga and get instant updates on #davidgoodyogaLOVE.

See you on the mat.

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David Good has made a declaration to being an awesome and inspiring yoga teacher to the world. He believes yoga is way to discover our hidden potential. His passion is to create a community on and off the mat, an inclusive sangha of individuals practicing together, learning together and living together, goodyoga is that community. David’s quest is to share his passion for yoga and give everyone the gift of yoga in their lives. Join the goodyoga renewal revolution, offering free yoga sequences, health and wellness videos from his Holistic Nutritionist Kate and interviews from yogis all over the world that have helped shape his path. David has created the perfect way for beginner’s to experience yoga for the first time or more experienced yogis to rewind their practice and work on alignment, building their poses from the ground up with strength. His teaching style is an educated approach to yoga, rich with alignment cues and awesome vigorous flows. The practice will leave you feeling like you learned something about your body, while nurturing your soul. His take on yoga is refreshing and uplifting.


13 Responses to “Shake Your Foundation by Giving Love Away. ~ David Good”

  1. Mamaste says:

    NIce David.
    Great advice for opening up that protected heart.
    Love you .

  2. Mamaste says:

    Just intro'd on FB main page.

  3. goodyogato says:

    Thanks Bob.
    Learning to breathe with your whole body can take some work. Stress makes us only breathe with the front of our body. Watch a baby, they use this whole body breath.
    Have a great day.

  4. goodyogato says:

    I was inspired to share after I saw McYogi's new video.
    Love will always find a way.

  5. goodyogato says:

    You rock!

  6. Sharon_Marie says:

    David, excellent description of 4 part breath technique. Thank you. ~ Sharon

  7. Sadie Nardini says:

    Love this, David! Thank you for sharing your heart so that we may be reminded to open ours today. Loving fully is the victory–not who loves us or doesn't, decides to stay or go.

  8. David Good says:

    You are so welcome. The disclaimer is that your intercostal ribs might be sore when you first start this practice.
    Release is so sweet.

  9. David Good says:

    Love love love!

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