June 10, 2012

Slippery Seduction. ~ Dominique Du Toit

Photo Credit: Dennis Brekke

All day, I’ve been smiling secretly, dreaming of my date tonight.

I sing softly to myself as I set the scene for seduction.

A candle rippling in the cool air sets me shivering with anticipation.

I turn up the heat a bit and light a few more pools of glowing light.

Will it be a glass of icy white wine tonight or some chocolates?

Or maybe both as the evening progresses?

Wearing just a dressing gown, I pad around, finishing my preparations.

There, it’s done—rose petals and all.

I take my wine and retreat to give her some time, too…

When she’s ready, I come into the room where she lies, waiting for me.

I stop and stare at the transformation.


I moan and hurry to her.

At the first touch of her warmth, I slow down and decide to enjoy every second separately. I apply some scented oil to her and she moves and whispers in sensual appreciation.

Then I finally slide into her slippery warmth and nearly explode with sensation.

Taking a deep breath, I move gently.

She shifts around me, and…aaaah—the heat rises to unbearable levels.

Her sweet smell rises to my nose, the music is building to a crescendo, I need a distraction!

Taking an ice cube from my wineglass, I revel in the contrast between her soft warmth and the cold drip, drip on my chest.

But the tantric explosion could wait no longer and I give in completely, sinking under the wave of warmth…

Afterward, I cuddle with her, sharing that deliciously decadent feeling of floating into nothingness.

Eventually, I get up and dry myself on a towel.

Man, I love a bath.


Dominique is a Jill-Of-All-Trades by nature, having done everything from managing a hotel to making documentaries, from IT project management to internet sales. A South African living in the Netherlands and married to an Israeli, she considers herself simply a world citizen, trying to balance the give and take of life. At present, her focus is on her two young daughters. Watching the awakening of these two precious little souls is inspiring her to do more, give more, live more. She recently discovered the joys of writing and invites you to share the lessons she is learning on her own path of discovery.

Editor: Jamie Morgan

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