June 19, 2012

Such is Love Eternal.


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This was inspired by true events, a real person, and a loving heart.

While none of us is perfect, it is the love I find inside of me that makes all of the trials, tribulations, struggle and heartache worth it.

So, while I often struggle with the past, and the voice inside of me that suggests living in a shell is safer than putting myself out there, all I need to do is close my eyes and remember just how beautiful it all is and thank her for showing me the power of both the sunrise and the sunset, the beauty in the stars, and the importance of feeling the grass embrace my feet.

In my mind I am laying next to you
Your head on my chest
Your hand gently caressing my arm
We are silent but for our breathing.
You whisper something I don’t need to hear
I can feel it in my Being
I whisper it in return with a tussle of your hair
As my fingers gently follow the contours of your face.
There are no questions in this dream
Our truth is the reality
This truth has set us free
And saved us from the freshly laid tokens of disgust.
You stir and bring your face to mine
Our lips embrace in a dance of pure honesty
Our eyes meet in the space between our thoughts
And instantly we forget we are human.
Your hair falls onto my face
Tickling my skin as our mouths speak silent words
Our hands hold tightly, our hips speak slightly
Even as our hearts sing loudly a song that fills eternity.
Such is Love eternal.
We sit together, anywhere…
Our bodies separate but One
Our minds wondering within the space we walk together
We feel, we touch, we know.
We talk about nothing at all
Or everything.
We laugh, we challenge, we speak our truth
Always knowing the love that shines in our eyes.
There is no fear in us
No games to play, no roles to engage
We find our truths and simply know
Because we walk together in the Light.
We are the Sharing
We are the confidence we feel in one another
We are the thought that brought us together
We have known the anger and have embraced the joy.
We walk in the woods hand in hand
Stopping to smell the essence of who we are
I brush a fly from your cheek
Your hand touches mine in return.
We lock eyes, we can’t escape this moment
As tears form in my eyes the words form in my Soul
“I love you”
Spoken from two hearts a truth insurmountable.
Such is Love eternal.
We argue about something
Or nothing at all.
We fight for who we are 
But never lose sight of who We are.
We share our insecurities
And give each other our fears
Not as testaments to dependence
But as acknowledgments of a trust reborn.
We hang up, we go silent
Yet we are quick to forgive
Such forgiveness comes from a place
That sees our humanness for what it is.
I fall into your arms in exhausted revelry
Rejoicing in the beauty that I have found in you
Knowing that you have found the same in me
In that there is a beauty only gods could see.
Such is Love eternal.
We are imperfect and perfect One in the same
A spirit of two as One
In the knowing that one affects the other
Like the Earth affects her moon.
I pull your Oceans to and fro
You hold me in your grasp
A strength only known through the space between
We call moments of imperfection.
Yet despite all of this humanness
When you hold my hand I know sweet Divinity
When you look into my eyes I see Heaven itself
And when you lean on me, I know that I am strong.
Such is Love eternal.
I cannot forget this moment of pure joy
The one that gave me this dream,
This moment with you unencumbered
By what we think.
I know what has given life to it
It is something deeper than my thoughts
Something more powerful than my imagination
Something that can change the Universe without an effort.
I know that as surely as I can now feel your hand in mine
And see your beautiful eyes through the tears forming in my own
That this is where I must be
I am home because my heart is with you.
I am grateful for such a powerful understanding
And know that while my mind works its wonders
My Heart is asking for a reprieve
It simply wants to bask in your presence.
If we see the same Sunrise
Tell me you feel it too
Tell me what is in your Soul
Your truth as only you can know it.
I will walk along with you
Sometimes kicking and screaming
Other times laughing and crying in joyful ecstasy
But it will be with you if your truth will allow.
Forgive me, for I know not what I do
In moments of weakness show me strength
In moments of strength show me tenderness
In moments of tenderness show me who I am.
Such is Love eternal.


Editor: Brianna Bemel


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