June 4, 2012

Sunset Of A Boomer Icon: The Astrology Of Robin Gibb. ~ Melissa Abbott

Robin Gibb/Rolling Stone

Robin Gibb, the man behind the haunting vibrato and high tenor voice who punctuated the harmonies of Bee Gees with an unmistakable emotional tempo, recently left his body on May 20, 2012. 

He was born on the Isle of Man in the town of Douglas, UK at 3:15AM GMT on December 22, 1949 and died in London, UK on May 20, 2012 at 10:47AM GMT. At his birth, he had the Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius and his Ascendant was Scorpio.

This set of signs look like a typical sixties, oversexed, forward thinking man with the intellect to be creative, if there ever was one…but there wasn’t just one, there were two. Maurice, his twin brother, was born thirty-five minutes later.

With Venus, Jupiter and his Moon in his fourth house of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius was dawning.

Venus in Aquarius indicates a very social person, who enjoys interesting and varied relationships and Robin’s marriage partners exemplified this notion.

A person who has Jupiter in Aquarius loves peace at all costs and is often into spiritual seeking and investigating alternative religions and lifestyles.

Jupiter trines Mars in Virgo which indicates he used his talents to get what he wanted. Mars in Virgo trines the Moon in Aquarius which indicates a rather cheerful and fun-loving individual.

Robin, Barry and Maurice

The story of Robin’s life and professional music career is well documented by his discography and the playing of his music on the radio for over 50 years. All three of the Bee Gee’s brothers, Barry and twins Maurice and Robin, are integrally associated with London in the swinging sixties, typifying the cultural times—they created a soundtrack which rode the social and cultural waves along with millions of other baby boomers. Their musical hits like MassachusettsWords and I’ve Gotta Get a Message to Youwere the height of popularity in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Unbelievably, they fell out of style until the late seventies, when the disco revolution brought them back to life. Producing music for the movie, Saturday Night Fever thrust the musical trio back into the spotlight for a second time in their career.

Robin married for a second time, in 1985, to Dwina MurphyBorn in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Dwina went to school at the Art College of England. She was an interesting and advanced soul for Robin and suited him wonderfully. Her artistic skills began to gain recognition when she was a teenager and it is reported that she may have had an early film career, wrote poetry and was bisexual. She was also actively involved in Druidry and is a Patroness of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

The couple were involved with Brahma Kumaris, an Indian religious movement where Raja meditation and yogic practices were studied. As well, reportedly, Robin and Dwina enjoyed an open marriage, where they could both explore their sexuality and freedom apart and sometimes together.

Robin and Dwina/Daily Mail UK

Again, you can see the influence of Jupiter in Aquarius which is spiritual seeking and investigating alternative religions and lifestyles. His Scorpio rising made for many varied partners and the quality and quantity of his physicality didn’t change with marriage to Dwina.

Uranus Squares Venus in Robin’s birth chart which indicates that there was a good deal of excitement in his love life. Any aspect to Uranus is sort of offbeat or not conformist and combined with Venus in tandem with a Scorpio Ascendant would mean a very active sex life with multiple partners. In fact, Robin’s twin brother had been married to sixties icon Lulu, who later became very active in Siddha yoga. 

So the twin brothers, born thirty minutes apart, both had wives interested in yoga and meditation. The Jupiter in Aquarius aspect they both had in their charts manifested in these marriages.

In 2009, it is reported that Dwina fired her housekeeper Claire Yang, when she found Robin fathered a love child with Yang. Dwina was very unhappy about this turn of events but never left Robin. Claire Yang and his new baby, Snow Robin, lived nearby. 

Robin left a fortune of $100 million, which seems to be in question because of Claire Yang and Snow Robin. In his progressed chart, Saturn is on his Ascendant in Libra in 2012.  This indicates how compelled he was to finish a symphony he had been writing to commemorate the Titanic and to spend time with his small daughter, as well as the rest of his family. 

Robin had a great deal of interest in history and politics and also had friendships with the likes of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He was an active participant in his local politics in the UK.

Robin had been at odds with his only surviving brother Barry for several years but several weeks before his passing, he made up with him (Saturn Conjunct Ascendant).

Famously, Robin’s younger brother, Andy died at an early age, his good looks and charming musical skills lost to drugs and alcohol. Although it was officially reported that he died from heart problems, it was also well-documented by his girlfriend of the time, a May-December romance with actress Victoria Principal, that he struggled with cocaine addiction and alcohol use. His Hollywood star and music career sadly snuffed out early.

All the while the lion-maned scion of the family, Barry Gibb, had famous rows and breakups with the other brothers. Throughout all the years, he tried to steer a course for his Brothers Gibb as best he could.

Now, it seems that he is the only brother left. Barry pulled together a haunting Youtube video tribute to Robin called Bodding.

Some people have thought there was some sort of Bee Gee’s curse; Robin himself had wondered late last year if his illness was a karmic result of so much prestige and good fortune lauded on them over the years.

Bee Gees, 1968 (Robin is second from left)

I don’t think there was a curse on the Bee Gee’s.

They typify the times and rode the social and cultural waves along with millions of other baby boomers. The fact that they sang and harmonized for millions of eager fans with their beautifully blended voices and recordings makes Robin’s passing so much more poignant to the baby boomer generation because his voice was an emotional backdrop to peoples lives.

Everyone dies and has their time. All the same, it makes you wonder if the speed freak 60’s and 70’s lifestyle of, burning the candle at both ends, eventually takes its toll. Maybe we can see this in Robin’s progressed chart where Neptune in the 12th House trines Uranus, where he sought enlightening circumstances.

Neptune is in Libra for most of the baby boomer generation which indicates seeking beauty and freedom in alternate states of consciousness. 

The placement of Neptune in Robin’s 12th house indicate a deeply secretive side to Robin’s personality in regards to escapism and alternate lifestyle. While this is not unusual for this generation, when it trines Uranus, that quest for enlightenment and ultimate understanding continued until the end. 

Natal Chart with Progressions

The Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon were in the 7th House of Taurus on May 20th when he passedThis indicates the complicated family life he had created but it also indicated all the love he had in his life. This enabled him to slowly withdraw from his physical form. Before he went into the coma he may have felt undeserving of their love (Saturn Squared Moon) but that was not the truth as his family surrounded him at the end.  

In Early February 2012, Saturn Squared his Aquarius Moon.

It was at this time while, he was still in remission, that he started feeling lonely and isolated. During the next few months he withdrew more and more.

Robin slipped into a coma in April 2012 and stayed there until his passing on May 20th, 2012. 

Mercury squared Neptune at the end of his life which indicates the coma situation.  Pluto had also progressed to the third House in Capricorn which indicates the nature of his colon and liver cancer and the generational endings of prominent baby boomers. The progressed Saturn conjunct his Ascendant during his last illness also indicate his final withdrawal from his physical life.

When I think of Robin, I hear his voice singing Massachusetts—something happened when Robin Gibb left this planet, it just isn’t the same without him here.

And the lights all went out in Massachusetts…..


Melissa Abbott, a former Newspaper  & Magazine Researcher and Advertising Exec, brings the Study of Consciousness, Yoga, Wellness, Meditation, Green Energy, and Spirituality to her Astrological Observations and Education. She is a regular contributor to Examiner.com, Astrodispatch.com, and AstrologyBlog.I have an astrology blog at: http://www.planetaryvibrations.blogspot.com.


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