That’s right Mofo: Boulder is #1 Creative City in the US of A.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 26, 2012
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elephant’s hometown named most creative, based on tech scene and natural products dominance:

Sorry, Seattle. Sorry, Portland. Sorry, Boston. It’s time to move to (elephant’s hometown) Boulder, Colorado, all y’all Creative Types.

…Well, at least according to The Daily Beast (you know, the poor man’s Huffington Post, which is itself a poor photocopy of real media).

Acknowledged both for our remarkable, energetic, busy, ambitious tech scene and our dominant “Naturally Boulder” crowd? I like it.

From The Daily Camera:

According to its ranking of the 20 most creative cities in the U.S., released today, the Daily Beast said that “with its slew of high tech start-ups and innovative green companies, Boulder tops the list.” The list also cited the presence of the University of Colorado and Boulder’s ranking as one of Amazon’s most “well-read” cities in 2012.

The Daily Beast examined three aspects of a city to determine the rankings, which it called the “three Ts”: technology, talent and tolerance




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Waylon Lewis, founder of elephant magazine, now & host of Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, is a 1st generation American Buddhist “Dharma Brat.” Voted #1 in U.S. on twitter for #green two years running, Changemaker & Eco Ambassador by Treehugger, Green Hero by Discovery’s Planet Green, Best (!) Shameless Self-Promoter at Westword’s Web Awards, Prominent Buddhist by Shambhala Sun, & 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness 2011 by “Greatist”, Waylon is a mediocre climber, lazy yogi, 365-day bicycle commuter & best friend to Redford (his rescue hound). His aim: to bring the good news re: “the mindful life” beyond the choir & to all those who didn’t know they gave a care. | His first book, Things I would like to do with You, is now available.


12 Responses to “That’s right Mofo: Boulder is #1 Creative City in the US of A.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Tessa: Plus it's beautiful. But hey, New York still rules.

    Scott Roberts I love the bubble.

    Waylon Lewis Tessa, love NY. But…that article in the NY Times about how it's less healthy to jog in NYC than it is not to jog, because of the horrendous air quality…egads. (Though, if temperatures keep rising, the huge forest fires out this way will accomplish the same thing)

  2. accounting says:

    Go Boulder!

  3. alexander pacho says:

    look i absolutely love Boulder. been here 15yrs. but… biggest disappointments have always been a lack of cultural diversity, and kinda crummy art. but what makes my skin crawl is it being lauded for being so open, and tolerant. my claim has always been that its really easy to be so open, and tolerant when there really isn't much diversity to 'tolerate'. just sayin….

  4. Guest says:

    Yeah? Well where are all the tech jobs? Or is it just a bunch of people who know each other from CU creating these start-ups? I love Boulder. I have over 20 years experience in tech with about 12 of them being spent with start-ups. It would be great to be able to move there and help out. But Seattle and Boston completely own Boulder in regard to actual jobs. Boulder is entirely too closed off from the rest of the world. I know, Boulderites probably want it this way. Well let's just see how much it can actually grow with it's current attitude. Kinda reminds me of Eugene which is not a good thing.

  5. Guest says:

    If it is #1 most creative city can they get a respectable fashion and music scene going on here? And I'm not talking about wearing green and orange clothes from the thrift store or the summer concerts at red rocks…

  6. Mamaste says:

    Just intro'd on FB to : Work & Green

  7. So Over It says:

    As someone who lived in Boulder for 10 years and just moved to Portland, I couldn't disagree more. Boulder is the most narcissistic place I've ever been and so pseudo spiritual and "eco" it really, really pales in comparison to this incredible emerald city. I couldn't find decent live music in Boulder to save my life. It flourishes here, in contrast. Even the people playing on the street are Juilliard trained. In terms of intellectual prowess, Portland also has Boulder beat. Boulderites are too busy working on reaching the peak of athletic achievement—and beating down the competition in every area of life— to actually read. Here everyone reads. A lot. Portland has Boulder beat on the eco front. Many more people commute by bike, public transport and alternative vehicles (like the new Car2Go service, which is amazing). And Portland has a much more conscious and prolific "farm to table" culture than Boulder—and people aren't constantly bragging about it. On top of it, the people here are just plain nice. I actually experienced someone not only stop their car to allow me to cross the street, but BACK UP so I'd have more space. That never once happened to me in Boulder where I was practically run down by impatient people in their SUVs on many, many occasions. This article just reinforces why I hate Boulder and its smug "better than everyone else" bullshit. It's just a wealthy place full of privileged people who think they are the cat's pajamas—and whose so-called great cultural and environmental achievements don't move past the Boulder/Broomfield border. Get over yourselves. Please.

  8. Vision_Quest2 says:

    The rise of the NEW new creative class would take place in Boulder, which has essentially a service economy – if you don't look at the academic and professional classes therein … so perhaps there is hope …

  9. Athena says:

    I agree! Though I do LOVE Boulder, and probably live here forever… (with a lot of traveling ;)). And I hope we will change some things. But it's so small, so not so easy. At least Denver have some things to offer here and there too.

  10. guest says:

    Another lazy BS article that has nothing to do with yoga

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