June 5, 2012

The Astrology of The John Edwards Verdict: Just Guilty of Being a Bad Husband? ~ Melissa Abbott


“I did an awful, awful lot that was wrong,” said John Edwards as he thanked his supporters, while standing on the Greensboro N.C. Courthouse steps. After being aquitted on one count and deadlocked on the other five counts against him, the judge had no recourse but to call a mistrial.

Continuing emotionally, he said “While I do not believe that I was doing anything illegal—I did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. And there is no one else responsible for my sins.” He faltered slightly.

“I am responsible—it’s me; it is me and me alone.”

The fall of John Edwards started in 2008, during his second White House bid, when he was accused of using illegal campaign contributions, falsifying documents, conspiracy to receive and conceal contributions, misleading campaign disclosure reports. He knowingly (and willingly) accepted almost one million dollars from two wealthy donors to his former mistress, Reille Hunter, pregnant with his child. He also used aid, Andrew Young, to cover up his relationship during the 2008 campaign.

He faced 30 years in jail and $1.5 million dollars in fines.

I can’t help but think he started out wanting to help others. But, somewhere along the way, the lines became blurred. At what point did it become anything goes?

Perhaps he felt frustrated and pulled down by his wife’s illness and the unexpected death of his son, Wade, in an automobile accident. His relationship with his wife, Elizabeth, took a turn after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of his 2004 Vice-Presidential bid with Senator John Kerry.

Later, during his 2008 Presidential bid, John met Reille Hunter and hired her to travel with the campaign and take candid YouTube videos showing the relaxed side of John Edwards.

John Edwards was born June 10, 1953 7:02AM EST in Seneca, S.C. As a Gemini Sun, a guy just wants to have fun! Fun-loving, flirty, funny and irreverent, the rules didn’t always have to apply to him and obviously, if they did, he would lie about it to get around them.

He must have lied a lot.

In all those high profile tort cases, my guess is he changed the facts to suit his bank account and then lied his face off. His birth chart shows this inclination; he has Sun and Mars together in Gemini in the 12th house. The 12th house is the house of undoing. These planets are in a trine with Neptune conjunct Saturn in the 4th house, Libra which is the law.

John Edwards was a high profile Tort lawyer who made a fortune in a series of trials before making a congressional run. Both the Neptune/Saturn and Sun/Mars are both sextile to Pluto in his 2nd house, Leo. The 2nd house with Pluto in it is the house of values, resources and financial standing. Pluto, being about regeneration, birth and death, shows that he made his money as an attorney through the misfortunes of others.

Interestingly, he has Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in his 11th house of powerful friends. He really did have some impressive friends bolstering up his life right from the start. Jupiter and the Moon are both conjunct in Gemini too. The Moon in this placement would sometimes mean dual forces in the subconscious at work. His 11th house is Gemini! He certainly was a golden boy. I would also like to make the observation that when a person has Cancer in the first house, it may bring the individual into contact with the public in a mass consciousness level as a career choice. He certainly did this as a silver-tongued attorney with influential friends in his 11th house and it pinged off the 2nd house of Leo with Pluto in it.

It’s not like there aren’t a lot of people who cheat on (and then divorce) their spouses and marry others. It happens all the time. Actually, no one really thinks too much about it.

John Edwards made the cardinal sin of publicly lying about it. Then, there was the question of whether he might have stolen or circumvented campaign funds to cover up his affair with Reille Hunter. To add insult to injury, he also denied the love child that he was having with her.

Rielle Hunter with daughter Frances

He became not just a run-of-the-mill cheater, he became a triple cheater. A man who had his cake and ate it too. A man who may have stolen to have his cake and lied about having it.

His 12th house with the Sun, Mars and Mercury in it. When those three planets are together, it gives the person a silver style tongue. Having his 12th house in the sign of Gemini and also his Sun sign may have made him very intuitive and he has the ability to mirror and perceive what other people are feeling. The 12th house often rules the subconscious, institutions, hospitals and service. This is the house of a persons undoing, their soft spot, their weakness.

John and Elizabeth Edwards hold press conference on her health

He may have believed he could say anything he wanted to and it would be believed. This is not always the case and the 12th house was finally catching up with him.

Thursday, May 31, 2012 was a day which started off at 8:44AM EDT with a Libra Moon in a trine with Mercury in Gemini. There couldn’t have been a better aspect for John Edwards.

If you need to talk someone into anything or persuade someone to do something, this aspect particular Moon and Mercury trine is where you would would reach a decision. This could go for legal cases and trials, where jury or judgements will make progress after long deliberation. A great time to compromise. Mercury is all about communication and the Moon in Libra is about balancing. Lots of activity, communications, and decision reaching.

In the end, the trial was just too unusual and was split down the middle; no decision could be reached.

The jury deliberated for nearly two week and you can see that Thursday morning, when this particular Libra Moon trines with Mercury in Gemini at 8:44AM EDT, the day must have gotten off to a bang first thing with the jury staying strong in spite of their split down the middle. There had to be a moment when the judge had to make the decision.

We can imagine that decision being ruminated during the morning hours.

The final decision could have been anytime during the morning after this trine—I think that when Mars hit the Ascendant for the day, the judge made the judgement.

As luck would have it for John Edwards, the Libra Moon was in another trine with Venus (Retrograde) in Gemini at 2:30PM EDT, just as he was making his heartfelt speech about how much he loved his children and wanted to work with poor children, he said, “God isn’t finished with me yet.”

This particular Moon/Venus trine had the pervading energy of people wanting to see him…he needed to make amends public. He knew it—he was strategically grateful and emotional as he revisited his past but at this moment it appeared as everything was in balance. The end of his particular legal matter came to an end with Mars on the Ascendant for the day. Saturn and the Moon were both in Libra in a trine with Mercury/Venus/Sun on the mid-heaven.

Let’s just say the Sun was shining down on John Edwards this day. The only thing he was guilty of, in the end, was being a bad husband.


Melissa Abbott, a former Newspaper & Magazine Researcher and Advertising Exec, brings the Study of Consciousness, Yoga, Wellness, Meditation, Green Energy and Spirituality to her Astrological Observations and Education. She is a regular contributor to Examiner.com, Astrodispatch.com, and AstrologyBlog. I have an astrology blog at: http://www.planetaryvibrations.blogspot.com.







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