June 18, 2012

The Earth Is Worth Beyond Infinity. ~ Brian Delrue

Can we make progress while making zero impact, which would be a marvel to the world, to show humanity that we can?

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful dream to inspire people to advance society sustainably and responsibly because we’ve advanced enough to know how to keep moving forward without erecting a garage in the middle of the kitchen, which eventually takes us ten steps back?

Isn’t it rational to think that human understanding can eventually conclude that permaculture and technological advancement can co-exist?

Wouldn’t this system generate the most healthy, happy and wholesome society? One with roots grounded firmly and branches reaching tall? People can stand in the Garden of Eden and still have a computer in their pocket. What is preventing this model from propagating?

This system will absolutely work, but not in a system of corporate profit mindset dominance, laws that are both morally and logically questionable, and an economic system built on scarcity, debt, grand wealth and profit.

Instead of appealing to the selfish tendencies of human nature, a point on which the most successful models thrive, a successful model can be built on a system that strengthens the harmonious nature of sharing.

The earth was once abundant, and the nature of trading was to share and spread the abundance.

The very nature of fruits and vegetables is an exponential and infinite return. In the conquest for domination and control, the natural abundance that once provided life for people with little effort was consumed, chopped, burned and destroyed. Agriculture was put in its place. It is the reason we were able to explore outer space; it is the reason industrialization can exist in such a way that we are over-consuming and killing the planet. Can’t we replant the abundant fruit and vegetable forests?

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty back together again.

I started my doctorate when I saw universities as the only remaining avenue through which the world’s problems could be solved; however, they are treated more like buzz words. Energy isn’t even the main culprit to humanity’s problems progressing in prosperity. Experience has shown that for many reasons academia and money are not fixing the world. They are only a tool of society and a tool in the wrong hands can easily become a weapon.

Since it’s the naturally un-oriented humans holding all the cash driving society, do you honestly believe they would allow a creation of their institutions to teach concepts that show our leaders are driving people the wrong way, away from the earth? Would the wealth dependent on consumption fund sustainability in the truest form to achieve the greatest potential?

Not yet. There is no high profit workforce in a free nation of liberated, empowered individuals who value the natural environment for the sake of their future generation’s benefit.

The universities of the 21st century are churning out lots of highly skilled workers and a few really good secret keepers. If we want earth harmony, we have to learn from our path to teach ourselves that anyone born was intended to be free. We have to learn to listen to those who’ve simply learned to make living comfortable, almost like a permanent vacation.

Rendering a free-thinking, intelligent mind into coming to terms with the realization that a self-evident truth is not currently a valid argument in the  real world of money, lies and greed, shows the effectiveness of any higher education program. When considering an industrial change that will affect a piece of the planet and the things living on that planet permanently, it is profitably best to ignore the negative effects in order to play along because there is no easy way out of the global game the humans are playing.

Unless everyone stands together in agreement, we’re all stuck.

With so much misinformation out there what can one person do? That sinking feeling in bed at night is fear and defeat if you let it in—don’t surrender. Don t give up. Let go of doubt, there is still hope. Let hope live in you.

To meet the socially acceptable definition of  ”successful”  in society today one must ignore logic, turn a blind eye to their daily contribution to devaluing living ecosystems and accept the world as it is, trying to play the status quo to get ahead. Perhaps operating under the delusion, leading an individual, but separate good  life, using the services provided by and working for, the system could possibly show the governing powers how to grow ethics. This is a false hope. Real change takes personal sacrifice, responsibility and accountability.

To live as a global population in harmony with the earth for eternity, human actions must realign with an understanding of balance. The real hope is digging deep inside, questioning everything and spreading the idea. If hope sticks and people like it, there are more than enough smart people who’d love to put a lasting, bountiful plan into action. If we all like the way a plentiful future looks, and speak with one voice, any political challenge can be overcome. Any shackle can be released.

The fact is, people are not that worried about planet Earth because they’re more concerned with either their direct survival or their pleasure comforts, unwilling to sacrifice the latter for gain in the first. But really, who has time for these world issues?

There’s no obvious, immediate negative effects from the world’s environmental actions that I can see on my life. Besidesaren’t all of us struggling people supposed to be distracted with the fact that we’re stuck in this mindset: On your marks, get set, and go! Never mind what distant future generations from now will be stuck with on the third rock from the sun, I’ve got a race to win today!

Whoa! Slow down and leave racing to the horses!

You can’t make enough sustainable energy to meet the demands of an unsustainable attitude and culture who consumes and wastes resources uncontrollably. It would simply speed up the inevitable pending species demise since they’d simply consume more. Besides, the world economy isn’t based on a sustainability model—it is based on production and consumption.

Yes, it is time to change the rules of the game so we leave behind a flourishing footprint. We can do this if we work together. It doesn’t happen overnight, it will take a few growing seasons to restore Eden, but that’s how it works here on earth. It takes time for good things to grow, and it starts by letting the things that grow do their growing, and planting seeds to replace those lost to the past, both metaphorically and physically.

Any accepted value less than Infinity applied to the natural environment is a bad deal. The natural environment is more valuable than clean air and water.

Forests have more value than acting as carbon sinks. An accurate dollar figure on the quantified quality of nature today in order to save the earth from a group of rich individuals that gain in an advantaged plan for a profitable today at the cost of a semi-ruined nature, affecting someone else’s tomorrow, is not possible because the financial system timeline is not physically equipped to model the value and expense of the infinite reality of existence correctly.

How much money is the Milky Way worth? Can a private corporation purchase Mars?

It s time people learn to question what money is used for as a whole. This can be a scary thought for those who have seen nothing different than a grocery store living, but it’s only because they need a little help remembering that their Mother Earth cares for those who care for her. Let’s spread the thought of taking care of each other and the well-being of our future planet.

Nature is being destroyed today because people are okay with someone else either considering it disposable, or an expensive, replaceable valuable service, not because it hasn’t yet been assigned a calculated cost. While an institution may say they want to attempt to quantify nature in order to save it, we must remember if this information is agreed upon then it can also be used for the wrong reasons. It could be used by a company whose sole legal purpose is to turn a profit.

If you’ve ever spent time in the jungle your eyes have seen that the civilized world is only a shadow of what the earth used to hold or could be holding once again—that is, real life. While the system may teach people nature can be saved by a process in which it is dissected, labeled, bargained and traded innocently, in the end the governing rules of a faulty game will still apply, ruining everything it touches given enough time to play out. And history repeats again because the system is incapable of considering real life from a holistic approach.

Let’s break the chain. The fastest way to spread life is to end the thoughtless acts that destroy a tiny bit of life every day, and begin allowing life to grow up as it would naturally, planting yummy seeds around our abode as nature recaptures the landscape. Stop cutting your grass; watch in amazement the life that is allowed to happen right in your back yard. Stop laughing, just try it and watch to see something different for a change. Life is beautiful.

Accepting to work within a failed system produces the same thought patterns that are failing the system, within the system.

Only when the molded thoughts are broken will there be room for the new solutions to grow within ourselves, and within in our society–because we are society, if only a tiny part. To fix the system we have to start with ourselves before we can venture out to change public opinion in the correct direction. It may be disheartening to find out the system cannot be used to fix the system’s problems, but with a different perspective it can also be empowering.

There is no such thing as a short term gain without a long term deficiency and for centuries, societies have failed robbing Peter to pay Paul trying to invent one. Long term thinking is nothing new—on the American continent it was wiped out when the European settlers killed the Native American culture.

Nature already has value that non-indigenous humans are only beginning to understand and it should be free for everyone who lets it flourish and spread. If you read Chief Seattle’s letter to President Pierce in 1855, you’ll see a small example of almost forgotten wisdom. It wasn’t too long ago that human beings lived freely under the sun on American soil with peace inside their hearts, sleeping soundly at night.

Entering nature into the system with an incorrect value, any value less than Infinity, exposes nature to more potential destruction, even if that is not the intent.

Nature with an assigned dollar value could potentially motivate companies to destroy the environment so they can set up a purification plant and start charging the people for the services once provided by nature. Industry should have been sticking those quarterly profits into cleaning up their processes all along and finding ways to preserve the natural environment so society could progress responsibly, sustainably. If we want to last forever here on planet earth, we have to stop listening to the money game and learn, as a species, to live within our means, giving support to the varied life on earth, to the true source of all our means.

Yes, without a dollar number attached, the value of nature is already being destroyed every single day. But that isn’t the reason it’s being destroyed. Using any process to put a price tag on nature will only make it easier to destroy. If we don’t stand up for our earth’s natural rights because its right, it’s the general population who will eventually be mailed the bill for the earth’s troubles. And history would be allowed to repeat again, for sake of profit for the few, at the small expense of the many because of the way system is set up by the rich already in control.

If companies really wanted to stop destroying nature, they would do it because they understand it’s the right thing to do. End of story.

Controlling industry chooses otherwise because that would dip into far too many pockets, so the corruption continues because honestly, people still use it what they don’t need, and people still buy it. Being conscious of our consumption is a step in the right direction.

This step is better than it sounds. Consumption is replaced with true fulfillment at no one else’s expense by our own actions of changed minds.

It’s a wonderful world—go change some minds!

Learn to see the infinite value in the things that don’t cost money without adding money to them.

When the money world is invalid, it’s the real world that needs to change.

History shows us that every past society that lives in opposition, while spreading under thoughtless consumption of resources for profit, has an end date. History also shows that it is eventually replaced with a similar model, by similar people, operating under a similar but different name. Sooner or later, people will learn that they’ve been preconditioned to think in terms of capital their entire lives, with money already in between us and direct sustenance from the earth.

We’re talking about the same classic root story of Good vs. Evil. and the original sin of leaving the garden because we thought we knew better is no reason to stay outside when we learned that we didn’t. We can’t forget that we were born with free will and it s in our power to use it for a good future.

Putting a dollar sign on nature doesn’t give nature value—it makes it potentially exclusive for those holding money. The solution to the theoretical problem of a forest being cut down to make phone books that end up in a land fill is to see and stop wasting the earth’s resources on things we don t need, and to reclaim it from those who are irresponsible.

The solution is not to introduce legislation that attempts to calculate the forest a dollar figure that pays a land owner benefits not to destroy their forest. Are we seeing through the rich people’s game? If enough people decide they want to stop cutting down forests, then people will stop cutting down forests and start living with them.

The fact is, most people have accepted the easy answer, that there is no immediate choice but to settle for a less than perfect world of corruption. This is not an excuse to make the same wrong decision. People unknowingly continue to kill Earth because their consciousness doesn’t understand a fundamental core value necessary for the eternal continuation of our species.

Money doesn’t give our species life, a healthy earth does. A person’s or a company’s individual choices regarding their finances die when they die. What they consumed in their lifetime is gone; it’s their footprint on the earth that still remains. Money cannot buy evolutionary creation that took millions of years to evolve back into existence.

Once nature is destroyed, it’s gone. A dead person, just like a dead company, cannot fix the damage they caused to nature; history shows us that everything eventually dies, and what matters is what’s left behind. The system is set up to generate need by creating shortage, want, and expense, leaving behind more need. If we collectively made lifestyle changes and stopped destroying nature, it would provide healthy, plentiful abundance for all in a minimally-stressed environment surrounded by our loved ones most of our waking lives.

Ah, doesn’t a perpetually abundant, healthy, happy human race sound good?

Is that what you have chosen for your children or are you going with the flow?

Permaculture is the key.

Fruit and vegetable forests can re-nurtured; life can be re-kindled and lasting abundance with little effort can be re-imagined right back into existence.

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Brian Delrue was slain, hashed, and re-assembled to give birth to Durable Rein, who is a junk-yard enigma, the stone that the builder refused. He gives institution reason to break the mold. He is the curious lotus seed that fell through the societal sidewalk cracks and against all odds, still bloomed. Learning from each kick, crunch, and step-on from the hard walks of life and inquisitively connected as the ancient messengers who’ve traveled the unbeaten path before him. The time has come to remind ourselves how to open up, think and use the power keyed within our hearts for a better future. To clear the path back to the river of flowing life so that we can again choose the cornerstone of eternal harmony with the Earth. Take up your machete to have a walk-about, go on a visionary chat with a Durable Rein for Freedom at http://durable-rein.blogspot.com/,http://www.prolibertatem.com or connect with Brian on the Facebook jungle.

Editor: Anne Clendening

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