The Mystery Of Mastectomy, Revealed. {Adult}

Via Yulady Saluti
on Jun 15, 2012
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I have a wonderful husband
30 days after my mastectomy

 My husband and I decided to show the world how I look 30 days post-op.

No matter what, we women are beautiful, boobies or no boobies.



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About Yulady Saluti

Yulady Saluti never stops moving. She is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor who has appeared in DVDs with Tara Stiles and Deepak Chopra. She has rocked her yoga on television with Sadie Nardini, teaches at four different yoga studios, and is doing all this while taking care of six kids and a devoted husband. After battling and overcoming a serious colon rectal medical condition, which required she live with a colostomy for four years, Yulady dove head first into a new, healthy life filled with yoga and studies in Ayurveda. It was only three years into her practice (and during her 20th surgery related to her former illness) that her doctors discovered that she had Stage 2 breast cancer at the age of thirty-two. Yulady is documenting her journey as a mommy-yogi-with-cancer on her Youtube channel: She plans to return to a full teaching schedule after treatment in New Jersey at Powerflow Yoga, Onyx Mind Body, Poe Yoga, and Inferno Hot Yoga. You can also follow her always uplifting tweets @yogalody.


31 Responses to “The Mystery Of Mastectomy, Revealed. {Adult}”

  1. Mamaste says:

    Thank you Saluti's for unveiling the mystery. You are the definition of beauty.

  2. Gisela says:

    You're beautiful! I miss you…

  3. mauricio gonzalez says:

    Yulady, you are so inspiring to so many people that just feel hopeless when facing such a situation as this one, and im also very happy for you for having such an unconditionaland loving hausband, best wishes.

  4. @Yogalody says:

    Than you for the support
    I love you all

  5. Mamaste says:

    Just intro'd on FB to: Yoga, Sexy, Spirituality, Funny (yes funny), Wow, Love and elephant's main FB page.
    Send my friend all the love you can.
    Thanks elephriends.

  6. Suresh Nair says:

    Thank you for this. Yes, you are beautiful – without any qualification whatsoever. Your courage burns bright, inspiring the rest of us.
    You've just made my day 🙂

    All my best wished for the future,

  7. ~Jenny says:


  8. elephantjournal says:

    Wow. Thank you.

    Featured on our Front Page (again).

    You're the best thing on elephant, right now.

    ~ Waylon

  9. This is overwhelmingly stunning and deliciously inspirational. I am so heartened that this kind of transparency and openess can be offered from one damn BRAVE women. I featured you on ele love page, and what I really want to do is feature you on Oprah. 🙂 hugs! Lori Ann

  10. livelovenrun says:

    Yulady, you are absolutely STUNNING. When I first saw the picture, I didn't see the surgery. I see how beautiful your love is!!! I see how incredibly strong you are…total power…and LIFE!!! I see you and I see someone full of love and life. You truly embody strength and perseverance.

  11. sherry says:

    This is so powerful, thank you so much for having enough trust to share this. And it's true that you are beautiful with or without because your beauty comes from the strength and grace that is inside of you, it's just coincidental that you happen to be gorgeous on the outside too.

    (I know of you through Bex and have been following your journey since she first mentioned it. Not only are you sharing an important part of your life, you just may save someone who finds themselves with your diagnosis and comes across your words, photos, and videos because they might be inspired to dig down for their own inner strength and fight back hard.)

  12. Anita Goa says:

    hi yolady – i got to know your story through bex and tara, and wow, what an amazing yogini you are! how brave you are and inspirational. thank you, and i wish you healing and joy. so great to see you have such an amazing husband and so much support. i am so glad you are not defined by your boobs. mine are small too, and i don't really care, although i love the lululemon insert cups !!. LOL. love, light and eternal happiness to you and your family. keep following your flow, a 🙂

  13. @wakisper says:

    Ho sha ze sho nen, tiempo, espacio y su mision. Yulady eres una persona con una inmensa luz interior divina. Gracias por ser tu y compartir. [email protected]

  14. Dana says:

    You two are the definition of Love! It permeates everything you say…towards each other, towards life, towards the people who support you. –You may have been given “lemons" but I believe it was only to inspire others how to make "margaritas" 😉

  15. Amberstarr82 says:

    I give you so much credit and respect for being so open about this. You've surely touched many people with your truth and openness about this. Kudos!

  16. […] to our surprise, our sex life since I learned I had cancer has been crazy. Even the double mastectomy surgery hasn’t slowed us down. In fact, we have both put on a few pounds to prepare for chemo. Little […]

  17. Jes says:

    You are one beautiful and extremely fortunate woman!
    My live-in boyfriend (of 8 years) and I seperated one week before I had total, bilateral mastectomy in early 2011, because he couldn't "deal" with it.
    He made me feel ugly, shamed and utterly worthless as a woman.
    It's now seventeen months later and I'm as flat-chested as I was the day I was born… and most of the time I don't give it a second thought. I don't wear prothesis and I don't try to hide my body beneath baggy clothes. People don't stare at me and they don't ask questions… they're just… accepting. And because they ARE accepting, I DO feel beautiful!

  18. […] I look at my the scars across my breast, I want to forget my “perfect […]

  19. michael says:

    you guys are so beautiful thank you bless you

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