June 5, 2012

Three Inspired Steps to Sacred Living. ~ David G. Arenson, N.D.

Long-predicted by the ancient Maya and other vastly underestimated civilizations, we live in times of great intensity and change.

You may be finding this growing intensity daunting.

Yet this time is also filled with unmatched opportunity for self-growth and awareness. The importance of the sacred becomes unavoidable to provide meaning and purpose in an often insane world.

Sacred living is merely an awakening to the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life—the all-encompassing spirit of Life, Gaia, God, Holy Spirit that flows throughout eternity. I define “sacred living” as a respect and reverence for all living beings especially the self. This translates into actions of grace, compassion and kindness for all life.

The Big Bang ties us physically all together. The basic material of all life stems from the same kernel of energy and condensed mass.

Many are coming to see themselves as part of this energy, and hence intrinsically sacred. Imagine looking upon a fellow being as a stranger or foreigner, especially when that being is a human. It makes no sense.

Yet, many look in the mirror and see a reflection of a stranger. The sense of coming to know oneself is the gateway to sacred living. Without self-love, we inherently view ourselves as foreigners and the external is a mere reflection of what is within—therefore, everything outside of us is perceived as threatening.

Sacred living is about finding balance, safety and purity within one’s own form, and then seeing that in the outside world. Sacred living is really coming back home. Sacred living is truly your birthright and it’s as easy as one, two, three. . .!

Three “inspired action steps” recommended for sacred living:

 1. Love unconditionally (in two parts)

First: Tell someone you love them. (This is the easy part!)

Second: Twice a day for at least one week stand naked in front of the mirror and say “I love and accept you.”

Love, joy and happiness exist in the space of stillness between thoughts of lack and fear. It is always here in the now just waiting to be invited into your experience and consciousness. Love is a constant essence and a constant state of presence within your life. Don’t wait for tomorrow to tell your loved ones that you care. Today is all you have.

2. Feel your infinite nature

Go outside into your favorite place in nature and get as naked as possible—barefoot is the absolute minimum. Meditate on where your body begins and ends and where you feel yourself within your body, (most of us hold our energy and consciousness mostly in the head and upper regions). Feel the support of nature around you and feel its beauty expand within your being, so that you become one with nature, and nature becomes one with you. If you can’t go outside, find a flower to commune with.

You are way beyond what you thought you were. With God, you can paint the sky with any color you choose. Letting go leads you to discover much more than you ever knew. The mind is in every cell of your being. The heart transcends matter and goes beyond you. You are an infinite being and whatever you think you are, you go way beyond that.

3. Live inspired

Write a private letter to yourself—answering this question.

What does living inspired mean to me? What would I need to do, be and have in order to live this way? What is stopping me from living my dreams? How many ways have I already started to live inspired?

You are your own inspiration. There is nobody holding you back from doing this, but you. Be in awe of possibility. Be in awe of expressing your true essence. Be in awe of life!



David G. Arenson, N.D. is a Wellness Consultant/Naturopath & transformational coach. Having lived and studied on 6 continents, David’s evolving abilities span from writing about sacred living to energy healing and helping people experience the essence of self: “When we experience love from the inside out as an intrinsic part of all Creation, we find our calling; experiencing ourselves as LOVE.” David has recently founded Shambhala Therapy as a way of communicating sacred love. For more information, or for business or personal enquiries, email @ [email protected]. Check him out on the web here.


Editor: Thaddeus Haas

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