June 7, 2012

Universal Love {Poem}. ~ Dominique Du Toit



Her child is sapping her strength. Plant and Animal weren’t easy, but the new baby, Man, is draining her lifeblood. Like a wax sculpture that is too close to a flame, her beauty is melting away. A lot of her clean, fresh complexion has been replaced by the grime and soot of hard living.

But in the mildness of the early morning light, Mother Earth still looks beautiful. With mist covering Time’s tracks, it seems to the Sun that she is still the mysterious woman he met so long ago. Slowly, he lifts the gossamer layers separating him from the woman he loves, revealing her splendor.

Ridges of the east-facing slopes glow under the Sun’s gentle caresses. The tongues of flame they resemble reflect a passion more common in younger relationships. But here, the passage of Time caused love to grow, as a daily absence made hearts grow fonder.

With the finesse of long experience, the Sun continues on his journey of rediscover while the Earth turns to him in sensual sympathy.  From his vantage point, the Sun observes her reaction to him.  He sees her now awakened Nature rousing itself, revealing her complexity. As a woman of the World, she has many facets, most appealing, despite—or maybe because of—her age.

A sudden noise breaks the quiet mood between them. It is their youngest offspring, Man, demanding attention. He has woken up and expects to the the center of the Universe, in the manner of all small children. As yet, he is unaware of the emotions around him. With a sigh, Mother Earth turns away from the Sun to her child. When, oh when!, will he reach a more considerate age?


Dominique Du Toit is a Jill-Of-All-Trades by nature, having done everything from managing a hotel to making documentaries, from IT project management to internet sales.  A South African, living in the Netherlands, married to an Israeli, she considers herself simply a world citizen, trying to balance the give and take of life. At present, her focus is on her two young daughters.  Watching the awakening of these two precious little souls is inspiring her to do more, give more, live more.  She recently discovered the joys of writing and invites you to share the lessons she is learning on her own path of discovery.


Editor: Ryan Pinkard

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Read 7 comments and reply

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