June 26, 2012

Who Is Your Teacher?

Photo reprinted thanks to Alex Teuscher “Dare To Dream”

They Dare to Dream


Aligned with luminescence; a silhouette

Is she outcast, explorer, pilgrim or prophet?

Contemplates the universe or is it a backdrop for her glory?

If she is glorious is it because you in that cave say so? 

Is she lit on stage for you sitting at her feet or does she turn away; earth’s curious creature at the foot of the sky?

She is both lit and beholder of light

She is a figment of your imagining on the edge of your darkness or nature’s light, depending on your viewpoint

There is no accident that she wears this radiance as she reached for the stars to pull it close but notice how unconsciously it slips from her shoulders in the effortless swirl between teacher and seeker.

She does not care to own the light nor borrows it for deception.

She trusts not that this light is in her but that she is in this light.

She knows the difference: You believe her.

See that she will meet you halfway always and

When it’s time to go, she goes alone.

Honor her for teaching you why and not holding you prisoner with how.

Honor him for crawling onto the crude floor of the cave with you instead of building a castle in the sky.

Honor her because she says when you look her way you are seeing the light behind her and really, she is just in the way.

Honor him when he moves aside so that all of it may light you.


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Read 15 comments and reply

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