Will Humans Choose Self-Destruction? {Video}

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Jun 19, 2012
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We are the legacy of 15 billion years of cosmic evolution.

We have a choice. We can enhance life and come to know the universe that made us or we can squander our 15 billion year heritage in meaningless self-destruction.
~ Carl Sagan

For even deeper perspective, here’s Mr. Sagan (love this man!) explaining our profoundly miniscule amount of time here on earth thus far.


Graphic from International Day of Peace.

I’m going to remain optimistic that humankind will wise up to the fact that a legacy of peace, sustainability and love is more important (and, er, sustainable) than profits, consumerism and keeping up on the latest Snooki escapades.

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    Just intro's on FB to: WOW & I'm Not Spiritual.

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