July 18, 2012

Sorry, You Can’t Be a Boy Scout. ~ Jamie Morgan

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Are You Gay? Sorry, You Can’t Be a Boy Scout.

If we are being up front here, the Boy Scouts of America should really adopt an additional two letters in their acronym: AGBSA.

You know, Anti-Gay Boy Scouts of America.

Because that’s exactly what they are.

In case you’ve yet to hear, the nation became aware yesterday that yes, the organization that’s raised and continues to raise thousands of our children will continue the 12-year ban on gay members—both youth and adults.

It’s like the ultimate form of bullying.

The biggest, most exclusive club some kids can never join.

And that’s what they are, for the most part: kids. They are fragile, confused, coming to terms with whom and what they are.

They shouldn’t have to experience the world’s hate, distaste, prejudice.

They just learned how to ride a bike.

Growing up, boys already have to worry about getting picked last in gym class, changing in the locker room and being teased over their lack of carnal knowledge of the opposite sex by age 13.

And if they have decided that, maybe, they never wish to have said knowledge because they are a fan of their own sex, they are deemed “different.”


They can’t even run around in the woods wearing a cargo vest glittered in colorful patches, an honor granted to any and all of the boys back when their daddy earned the coveted standing of Eagle Scout.

And what about if they haven’t decided? What if they are…curious? What if pops earned this title and the kid can’t bear the thought of letting him down by not following in his footsteps?

Will he fight it, suppress it? Will he feel disgusting, shameful, wrong…all by what, age nine?

Let’s continue to spit in the face of the future generations of homosexuals, America.

You’re right, kids should be no exception.

Notice the sarcasm. In bold.

My dad was a scout. My brother was a scout. Both are straight, but neither entitled, neither superior.

When my brother was growing up, dad was active in his role with the organization—he traveled on the camping trips, supervised the troupe, climbed around in all-too-small caves and dug in the dirt.

Many of the dads were too busy with their pent-house-suite, beach-house-loving lifestyle or just too uninterested to do the same.

It’s impossible for me to know if these were gay, straight, bisexual, what have you, but I find it hard to believe that a father’s active involvement, regardless of his sexual orientation, should ever be considered a bad thing.

For all I know, there are gay fathers lined up around the block, open and eager to fumble around with a map and compass in the woods, laugh and run around with their sons and dig in that same dirt.

Problem is, we will never know.

They say openly homosexual men aren’t “desirable” role models for children, but I’d like to counter this and say that the BSA itself is an undesirable force to look up to and aim to be like.

It is teaching kids and adults alike that heterosexuality is the only way and we must not only frown upon all else, but separate ourselves from it in segregation, ignorance and degradation.

I am not a gay-rights-activist, nor am I particularly passionate for the scouts organizations and all that they stand for (drop-out Girl Scout, right here baby).

I am, however, rather shocked and appalled that in this day and age, with the abundance of diversity, culture, awareness and change in this country, the BSA has reaffrimed this place on the outside for what seems to be years to come.

An aspiring journalist, fashion enthusiast and lover of all things yoga, dance and green, Jamie packed up her life nine months ago and made the big move to Madrid, Spain from little old Ohio. Spending her days as an English teacher and soul-searcher, she is completely fascinated by international languages and cultures and won’t be satisfied until she’s seen it all. And so it begins.


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