July 10, 2012

Be a Bada$$ Warrior Using Money as a Gateway. ~ Joetta Johnson

It’s no secret that we are living in turbulent financial times.

Even though this turbulence may not be affecting us directly, we each have our own challenges or gateways to go through with money. This may look like being on the search for right livelihood, feeling burdened with debt, not earning enough to meet our needs, spending more than we have, confusion, disorganization, etc.

My work as the “priestess of finance” is to help my clients and students relate to the gateways they are facing in ways that empower them like a hero with a new kind of success full of courage, commitment, determination and prosperity. In other words, find their badass warrior.

I am able to guide people on such a journey because I have gone on one myself. Years ago, I was thrust into a powerful and pivotal wake up call, which resulted in my own heroic call to adventure.

When I was 32, I was a successful corporate accountant with a hefty paycheck. That was also the year I filed for personal bankruptcy due to my out of control spending.

As life as I knew it collapsed around me, I was forced to look deeply into what I now call the “money shadow.” This dark underworld (which we all carry, to some extent) contains the unconscious beliefs like fear, doubt, shame, control, greed, guilt, deprivation and subsequent destructive behaviors, which can create a reality of scarcity or financial suffering in our lives.

With the blessed guidance of my teacher, International Scherick, I came to view my journey through that dark time as The Hero’s Journey, finding strength, and seeing my own story in the story of Sumerian Goddess Inanna.

As the myth goes, the princess Inanna makes a harrowing trek into the dark underworlds and meets face to face with Erishkigal, the Queen of Death (symbolic of ego death). On this descent, Inanna is required to go through gateways and give up the things she treasures most so she may liberate herself from worldly attachments.

As Inanna surrenders the burden of attachments and possessions and integrates her shadow side, she becomes able to relate to her resources from the ground of pure consciousness, trust and humbleness. She is then able to return to her father’s kingdom, being of true service to the people.

The money gateways I ventured through diving deep into my own shadow changed my consciousness, and every financial decision I began to make changed as well. I began to track my finances, budget my money, save and pay off debt—all with clarity, dignity and financial integrity.

Not only have I healed, I now bring the gold I acquired along the way to the clients I coach in the art of finance.

I learned firsthand that facing the demons, and tapping into the mythic consciousness for support, brings out our inner-badass—an essential part of ourselves that must rise up if we are to embark on the hero’s journey toward financial wholeness.

Here’s some of what I discovered in the money gateways:

Five Badass Warrior Secrets For Facing Financial Challenges:

1.  What you do during a financial contraction directly relates to how much you can expand.

Try this with your breath: breathe out every last ounce from your lungs and see how big of a breath you can take in. Genetic material must hug to the middle of a cell and remain compact for some time before it can replicate and create new cells. The same is true for your success. If you can understand that, there will be pauses that don’t appear fruitful on the surface and you won’t freak out and sabotage the new creation that is happening below the surface.

2.  To achieve real success, you must be able to masterfully navigate the darkness.

All successful people must overcome harrowing obstacles and find a way to embrace the unknown. A major difference between a successful person and an unsatisfied person is the former’s ability to persevere and transform according to what appears on his or her path.

3.  Beware the “voice of the victim.”

If you have a running tape in your head that sounds something like, “Nothing good ever happens to me; everyone else has more talent, skill, success than I do; this is not working; I don’t have what it takes,” you better watch out! That is the voice of sabotage, and your inner badass needs to become the stronger voice that holds a stand for your success.

4.  Extreme doubt usually comes directly before or after reaching the next level of success.

Doubt is like a gatekeeper that appears when you are on the brink of your next breakthrough, or after you’ve just had a success so wonderful that it couldn’t possibly have happened to you. Just learn to see doubt as a powerless little creature that is nothing more than a communicator indicating that you are on the right path.

5.  Dark cycles are an initiation into empowerment.

In challenging times, you will need to open your eyes to the astounding, unwavering support of the universe, which appears to anyone who sincerely knocks on its door. When you make it back from the underworld, you will be changed into a confident, powerful hero or heroine who has earned the radiant glow of one who knows the secrets that can only come from making it through the gateways.

Please remember that there is more to this process than simply reading these five steps! Everyone’s journey is unique and we all need support.

I have gratitude every day for my mentor and guide, International, for the wisdom I have gained, and for the opportunity to be of service as I lead others through their own journeys of financial healing. May this story be of benefit.


Joetta Marie Johnson is the Priestess of Finance. Her work in the world is empowering people to overcome obstacles to prosperity, so they can increase their inner and outer resources to fulfill their needs and realize their dreams. She has worked as an auditor, accountant, financial analyst and controller which gave her real world experience with finance. She offers individualized coaching packages in person in Boulder, Colo., or via Skype and telephone. In addition, she also offers transformational group financial programs via webinars and tele-seminars, as well as many other projects designed to help you attain money mastery. Visit Joetta at www.priestessoffinance.com.


Editor: Cassandra Smith

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