July 20, 2012

“…But a Scout is Brave.”

More Eagle Scouts should follow suit:

“I don’t want to be an Eagle Scout if a young man who is gay can’t be one, too.”

I love the Boy Scouts. Perhaps because of my friends who were scouts (I was never so lucky), their values, their love of the outdoors and self-reliance and honor, and those amazing Norman Rockwell images…well, I’d love for my future hypothetical children to be able to join the Scouts.


If they can see their way to equality, and stop making a big deal of something that, ironically, would be forgotten if they’d just open up and relax.

And that if is well expressed, above. Well done, sir.

Via the Reddit community: “An Eagle Scout’s Letter to Boy Scouts of America on why he can’t in good conscience [ed] keep his Eagle Badge.

Relephant: “List of other councils and scout-related groups that are speaking out against the ban.

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