July 16, 2012

Date Yourself Often. ~ Tania Kazi

It is past midnight. The world has finally fallen silent.

The dark cloak of a hot, humid July night has heavily ensconced the thoughts that are trying to peek from under my weighty lids. How potent this darkness is. The night is a queen. A goddess illuminated with stars offering an invitation to turn inward in this fecund and silent stillness.

A cup of tea brews on the nightstand. The perfect tool for this caffeine-induced date with myself. The soporific hours that will hereon unfurl hold the promise of a union between silence and soul.

In the mad chaos of sunlit hours how often do we forget to check in with ourselves? In the chase of all things waiting to be done how often we neglect the fulcrum of all this doing? We forget how things would not move, if we are not whole or complete, at peace or supported?

Much like a weary traveler we continue plodding through the dark and dusty path, adding confusion to unsettled thoughts.

Date yourself often. Take the time to sit quietly, to reminisce, to look forward or to look back gently. To lie in stillness and to not be afraid of what desires stir up from the tangled heap of feelings that went unattended. It is, after all, the fabric of your life. Every shade of darkness and light weaves together to form the magical tapestry of your life.

So stop awhile. Look, listen, touch, feel and kiss yourself often.

Perhaps sitting by the ocean will do, as the sound of the waves washes over your every thought, or a quiet spot in the park, where the songbird can carry you to your inner stillness. However you choose to take yourself out do it without judgment. Give yourself the attention you have craved. Make the time to embark upon the most enduring and rewarding romance of your life. Go ahead, date yourself often.

Tania Kazi is a yoga aficionado, a blossoming vegetarian, a wellness enthusiast and a lover of books. She has studied International Relations, worked at a think-tank, and served the corporate monster only to find that healing the human soul is where her passion lies. When she is not reading or writing feverishly, she is getting soaked in central park with her daughter under the sprinklers, taking or teaching a yoga class, immersing in meditation and making green juices!

Editor: Carrie Stiles

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