July 14, 2012

NSFWish. ‘I don’t want some girl whose fame is based on a sex video selling Sketchers to my 13 year old sister.’

Images via Reddit/ESPN Body Issue.

While I don’t think anyone should be beating on anyone, there’s some truth in this here red carpet verbal brawling:

Via Reddit, a comment re featured in ESPN’s Body Issue:

…ESPN’s body issue…the focus is not on the sexuality of the body but on its non-sexual, aesthetic beauty of the body as an organic machine that has been honed to perfection. Look at her second image for example? Sure, she’s naked, but the focus is really on the dynamism of the image, and seeing her body in motion and all those muscles working.


And, via youtube:

at a time when girls are dealing with anorexia and other crazy body issues, which mostly means extreme dieting etc., ronda, breezes in as a breath of fresh air. look at her – she obviously is a healthy individual, and clearly doesn’t suffer body image problems.

additionally, she inspires confidence in girls by competing in a sport considered by many to be uber masculine. such confidence is what helps young ladies break barriers.

today onward i have become a fan of Ronda.


Um, wow:

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Read 2 comments and reply

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