July 2, 2012

Humble Warrior: Off the Mat.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the state of Colorado has had nine wildfires burning at the same time.

One of them is the largest fire in size in state history and another is the most destructive in state history, with over 300 private dwellings burned to the ground.

Thousands of firefighters have been sent in to fight these fires—in high heat and very dangerous conditions.

This photo shows the dedication of one of these crews who elected to sleep near the fire lines.

I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for the past 15 years, with the last seven of them being rather intentional, and I’ve never seen such a powerful example of “humble warrior” pose aka Virabhadrasana.

This is what it looks like on the mat:

This is what it looks like off the mat.

God bless ’em.


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Thaddeus1 Jul 3, 2012 12:06pm

Thanks for this Roger.

Yeah, I've been there and done that.

I actually have a great story that I might tell in full one day, but the essence of it goes something like this. We worked a 16 hour shift in NV and laid down about 10:00 pm. At 10:05 they woke us up and told us that we needed to drive three hours to the little town of Beaty, NV because it was about to burned over. We load up, consume massive doses of caffeine and hit the road. Three hours later, out of minds, we arrive and are told, "Never mind. We jumped the gun a little bit. We're going to bed you down and send you out in the morning." So we lay down at 2 am in a near-by field and at about 2:15 the automatic sprinklers come on. Have you ever tried to run in a mummy sleeping bag? It's hard.

We wake up at 6 and head out to the fire, which was caught by some jumpers. We spend the rest of the day in the blazing sun, racing passing cars on foot (I have video) and sleeping under our buggies to avoid the heat. Ahhh, those were the days.

Thanks again for your contribution.

Oddly, enough…the picture of the woman doing warrior is my fiancee. Strange when things like that happen.

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