July 2, 2012

Light-Hearted Enlightenment.

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Hi kids!

I was driving around with my friend Eddie last week, headed to Haines Falls. Eddie likes to put me on to different music, and this ride was true to form. I hadn’t heard this one and found it more than a little awesome.

Drink this little number in as if it were a mildly amusing treatment of deep truths we would all do well to injest.

Ok, got it?  Now watch this 8-minute History Channel vid on a newly discovered 12,000 year-old city which, well, backs up the first vid. pretty nicely. Wikipedia wraps it up solid if you’re a text junkie, but the video is a good overview.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

And if you can drink that in like the champ I know you are, then you are more than likely wondering what you should do with this newfound clarity.

Given that nothing we know is true, what’s next?

“Perhaps our descendants will regard our present ignorance with as much sympathy as we feel to the ancients for not knowing wether the earth went around the sun.” 

~ Carl Sagan

Sagan is onto something there. The quote is from part two on his fourth dimension lecture. That lecture also has of of my fav. quotes ever.

“Want to know what its like inside a black hole? Look around.”

He concludes that, really, nobody knows what the hell is going on here. His lecture is cute and campy and old school and oddly comforting. It will give birth in you to perhaps 19 questions, and let the 20th be, “Was Carl Sagan the inspiration for the voice of Agent Smith in “The Matrix?”

This video is also important because it begins with an auspicious Carl Sagan quote.

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

And I think I’ll leave you there, but not without a taste of mental comfort.

Here is a place to go to salve the perennially questioning brain, and just listen.


No, that one is only if you are into that kind of stuff. I changed my mind. Here’s a universal dose. A mix of music and people that leaves no doubt or worry. Everything is right here. Watching this, we remember that we don’t need to know anything.

All we need to do is feel. Be open. Uncloud.


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