July 4, 2012

Poetically, We Find Our Independence.


In the spirit of independence, I took an old poem of mine and revitalized it, which really is what independence is all about, isn’t it? That thing we can claim every second. Hope you enjoy it, and I hope you have a frickin’ amazing Independence Day. Don’t shoot anyone with any fireworks. ~ Jordan

Sometimes I forget that we’re all not just one,
that things aren’t harmless just because they’re done in fun.
So I offer up my apologies,
like sweeping the street—
not like it was really ever dirty,
it’s just better for your feet.

The worst part of living to expect
is when it all comes crashing down.
You don’t know if you should be writing it all down
or trying to forget
(trust me and write it down).

But all decisions, every last one of them,
no matter what you think they’re for—
they all just lead us along,
like a puppet in this crazy light game of Yours.

So I hope that life brings you happiness—
I hope you live and learn.
I hope that all the dreams you have
increase and burn.
I want you to be satisfied
with the love that you got—
you think you’re so empty,
look at your love—See! You’re not.

And I hope that the dreams that you have
increase and burn
and all the expectations and fears
can help you learn
that you’re always satisfied
beneath the sheath
if you just settle down a minute.
Just breathe.

Tired of the same old life I lived
tired of the pain,
I dedicated my life to suffering,
until the day I learn there’s nothing left to explain—
and just breathe.
Just breathe and walk the path—
the one that appears beneath our feet,
the one that lasts
even when we think we’re only wandering.

There are so many lessons that I think I repeat—
I hope you wake to find your desires are increased
so that one one day, why not today?—you can burst out of your sheath.
Then wake another morning—
the same things to conquer, or at least so you think—
what if you woke one day to say
“maybe I just need a drink of water—
a moment to reflect
all those worried moments—they’re
so hard to recollect.
I think I’ll just start walking
and see to where I get—
I’ve got a burning desire
and I’ll never forget the way is beneath my feet
yeah, the way is beneath my feet”?

And now days pile upon days
and years upon years—
battle after battle fought
with laughter not tears.
The world is an easy place
for those who won’t forget that
it’s all just lucid dreaming—
what you really want you get.

So I hope that your desires
increase and burn.
I know that everything you do
will help you learn.
Now I’m getting a little tired,
I think it’s time for bed
I got more to do tomorrow so
I think I’ll take my rest.



Editor: Brianna Bemel


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