Release Your Inner Child.

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Jul 26, 2012
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A grownup is a child with layers on.
~ Woody Harrelson

As kids, all we wanted to do was grow up. We equated adulthood with freedom. Staying up late. Eating whatever and whenever we want—no yucky green veggies necessary.

Having more fun.

Yet, as grown-ups, many times we feel weighed down with responsibility, stretched in too many directions, effin’ stressed out. We sometimes take ourselves quite seriously. Maybe we’ve built walls—layers—intending to protect ourselves.

Weren’t we once fearless? Spellbound by the tiniest things? Weighed down only by our dreams?

Our inner child is still in there somewhere, aching to be let loose from all the layers we’ve piled on over the years. Why not break him/her out for the day or even a moment? Be playful. Blow some bubbles. Skip around the block. Feel the freedom. Take fearlessness out for a test run. Let yourself have some fun.

Let’s collectively make a promise to ourselves to try this once a day, if only for an hour. The world will be a better, lighter place.

For some inspiration, watch this music video.

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Lynn Hasselberger is co-founder of GDGD Radio; The Green Divas Managing Editor; and Producer of The Green Divas Radio Show. She's also a mom, writer and award-winning cat-herder who lives in Chicagoland. Sunrises, running, yoga, lead-free chocolate and comedy are just a few of her fave things. In her rare moments of spare time, she blogs at and A treehugger and social media addict, you'll most likely find Lynn on twitter (@LynnHasselbrgr @GreenDivaLynn & @myEARTH360), instagram and facebook. She hopes to make the world a better place, have more fun, re-develop her math skills and overcome her fear of public speaking. Like her writing? Subscribe to her posts.


4 Responses to “Release Your Inner Child.”

  1. So true!

    Posted to Elephant Spirituality and Health & Wellness on Facebook.

    Lorin Arnold
    Blogger at The VeganAsana
    Editor for Elephant Food and Elephant Family.

  2. solfulsoul says:

    When spirit is the good living in every person, is not your practice of good, your honor to nature—is that not "spiritual"?

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