July 13, 2012

Rainbow Warriors: Transformation into the Golden Age with Kundalini Energy. ~ Sati Rose

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In my last post we covered the idea that we are light beings—this is imperative!

This sets the ground work for the chakra system. The chakra system correlates to the glandular system and the Kundalini energy that lies at the base of our spine, which can be accessed when yoga is practiced properly.

We are beings of light, sound and resonance. Our endocrine system is ruled by our glands, which are connected to our chakras, which are light, sound and color. All of this is connected to the nervous system, the nadis (energy pathways) and your breath, and everything around you! It is such a subtle system, you can imagine that it needs to be gently used, not jolted.

In harmony with the mind, body and spirit we are like a divine instrument. We are as resonant as our system. Imagine if you were to begin banging on the keys of a piano, or thrashing at guitar strings? It’s a subtle instrument and it requires subtle work to magnify it.

This system is a rainbow, thus, we are a rainbow. It is a far cry from visiting the Rainbow Gathering, but it does bring deeper meaning to the idea that we are all Rainbow Warriors who are doing this work. Have you yet heard the Hopi Prophecy for the Golden Age?

“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.”
~ Native American Prophecy

Our rainbow chakra system becomes dull when our body is dull, but also when our mind is dull. Our rainbow becomes more of a light puddle when our mind is a stress puddle of negative thinking. Since this is a mind, body and spirit system the thoughts can really upset this balance.

The thoughts create our relationship to our body, so to purify the chakras and access Kundalini we can heal from the emotional body to the soul. This is where the notion that Kundalini is dangerous generally comes from. If a person is very unstable emotionally, mentally or spiritually when beginning this discipline they can have spontaneous healing of the past, and even past lives! Clearly without proper awareness this can lead to many issues in their lives.

Be steady, be aware and be fearless! You too can heal and you too can journey in this way.

Be prepared to self process, in my opinion lots of journaling and Kundalini can be more effective than sitting in an office paying $100 to talk to someone. Write in your journal as you practice!

Kundalini can also be safer than any substance, which can overload your subtle system.

One of the most powerful and extremely valuable tools for your personal transformation, movement of sexual energy for revitalization and personal enlightenment is the use of the bandhas. Bandhas are body locks which can drastically improve not only your meditation but tenfold your asana practice, if you never knew this (and you are an advanced asana student) I’d suggest finding a new teacher immediately. One cannot properly proceed into advanced yoga asana without these!

Since these three bandhas are so vital it is important to work with them daily, and this is far more important than going to any type of stretching asana practice. Luckily these bandhas are “inner” yoga postures and you can do this most anywhere. Start to build up your radiant inner rainbow soul body now! Here is an excellent practice that you can use to begin or fine-tune the light body.

Bandha Body Lock Meditation for Energetic Stamina and Capacity.

1.  Sit comfortably, straighten the spine, begin to breathe deeply

2.  Muladhara Bandha: Lift the muscles of the rectum and sex organ, lifting the perineum and hold this while you retain the inhalation, then release and begin again. Do this several times. Try this in your arm balancing—see the flying finally happen.

3. Uddiyana Bandha: Inhale deeply, and then exhale completely all of the air must be released. Then, pull in the belly fully and with a whoop of the energy transverse abdominal wall, lift the belly up into the diaphragm. Then hold and inhale to release. Do this several times.

4. Jalandhara Bandha: As you inhale pull the neck back, drop the chin and pull it in and down. As you do focus at the third eye between the eyebrows draw the eyes up and in to look up, hold and then exhale to release. Do this several times.

5. Now and most importantly do all three together on the inhale retain and release. This is Maha Bandha or “The Great Body Lock.”

 6. At the end of the Maha Bandha release you can pull in muladhara bandha on the exhale, hold the breath out and extend it out as long as possible, then inhale to relax.

I suggest this for at least 5-11 minutes twice per day.

*Important note: you cannot exhale and inhale at the same time obviously, so it is important to modify Uddiyana Bandha to do Maha Bandha on the inhale and with this we simply lift the belly and navel but do not try to lift with the transverse abdominal wall, just pull it in when you do all three at once.

So once you have mastered this simple, yet powerful practice you can move into an asana that you can use with it.

The following asana in some circles is thought to be the absolute most powerful asana in existence ever. It is called sat kriya, meaning “true kriya.”

There may not be an asana that you can do which can affect your transformation more at this time! You may never need another asana again (if you can do this).

“Sat Kriya” Asana/Meditation for Bandhas and Transformation

Sitting on the heels bring the thumb and forefinger together on the knees and say “Ong namo guru dev namo,” which means I bow to the creative power within me. Best to say this mantra three times before beginning any yoga at all honestly. Now you may begin sat kriya.

Sat Kriya:

Stay on your heels if possible, if you cannot, then stay in an easy pose (comfortable cross-legged pose) until you build up to that. Place your palms together and straighten the arms overhead, locking the thumbs (women the left thumb over top, men the opposite). Really draw the bicep into the ear. Straighten the spine.

We chant two syllables here they are sat “truth” and nam “identity.’ Start by just saying, “sat nam.”

On the syllable sat: You will pull in muladhara bandha, pull the belly into the spine and gently lift it for modified uddiyana bandha,, and then pull in the neck for jhlandir bandha,, while rolling the eyes up. This is a powerful sat! Maha bandha is what you are doing here.

On the syllable nam, exhale the bandhas, to relax it all.

So for three to eleven minutes hold the arms overhead piercing the aura and do this practice! You will become a radiant being in no time. A more detailed explanation can be found here from 3HO.

So there you have two of the most profoundly important yoga practices of all time. There really are few things that you can do which will be more beneficial in this time for your transformation. Practice this at your own risk, it is not medical advice and not meant to heal any specific illness. I suggest that you take time to meditate upon your readiness for this level of practice before heading to the flying carpet for the journeys.

Next time I am going to illuminate one of the most profound chakra meditations of all time.

After doing these practices watch how deeply you can surrender into your mindfulness, or mantra meditation. These practices will benefit any style of yoga, and will profoundly improve your energy, make you more vibrant and even add years to your life. It will make your aura a bright, radiant rainbow which draws forth into it the most majestic beauty as like attracts like. Be the light that you are—be the superstar.

Enlightenment is really tuning your light body, magnifying it and mastering the flows of energy and force surrounding it. Light yourself up, be a glowing, beaming sun!

Sati Rose is a present day spiritual healer, she works as a Yoga teacher in 3HO Kundalini, Hatha, and Restorative Yoga disciplines teaching for 12 years.  She offers her healing and teaching in the city of Philadelphia where she resides.  She is a certified Rebirther in the lineage of Haidakhan Babaji.  She also  works also as a Thai Yoga Practitioner.  She is the founder of Satya Yoga, emerging soon aligned to her own daily discipline.  She is awakened into the now, present with her self, and in love with life.  She is a mystical goddess in action and a warrior for the equal enlightenment of all beings!    Find out more about Sati: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/satiroseyoga or Twitter:  @satirose.



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