July 19, 2012

The Do’s & Don’ts of Manifesting Desires. ~ Annalisa Robusto

Everything is made of energy; we are energy and all energy has a vibration.

If you were to listen to the language of the universe, you would notice that everything speaks in vibrations. We vibrate out our thoughts, desires and fears daily. Thoughts based on fear send out lower vibrations, while thoughts of love and peace send out higher vibrations. If you were able to see vibrations as colors you would see that we attract and connect to people who vibrate similar colors. Like attracts like, manifesting events and situations in our lives are based on what we are feeling and thinking.

If you where to download all of your thoughts over the past week onto a disk and read them in a text format, what would they say? What percentage would be fear, and anxiety based coming from your ego? What percentage would be towards manifesting happiness in your life? What percent would come from unconditional love for yourself and others?

If everything we think vibrates from us into the universe, it must also vibrate within us. What are those vibrations saying to you? Our thoughts can be poisonous, blaming and self-deprecating. What if our bodies manifested everything we believed about them?

“I am out of shape, I’m fat, I’m slow, stupid, I’m out of it, lame, tired, sick, unattractive, imperfect, or not good enough.”

We abuse ourselves while expecting to be in alignment with achieving our greatest dreams.

Eckhart Tolle says “…mankind is moving from a diseased state of obsessive thinking into one of conscious doing.”

Being present means being in a conscious state of doing with every action and every step you take. When you are presently aware of your thoughts, you can shift them from an egoic state of fear and judgment into one of gratitude. Helping you to connect with your higher self, and with that which you want to manifest. We send the universe mixed signals of what we want by swaying in and out of unhealthy thinking. The more you stay present, the more you will bring your truest desires into fruition, and the less bumps you’ll hit in the road.

1.) Know what you want!

– Do make a list of what your heart truly wants in your life: In this era, we are in the process of becoming manifest savvy; but when we get what we want does it make us happy? Does it make your heart sing and dance? Are you sure that you are manifesting your heart’s desires and not what society and your ego want?

Not too long ago I manifested the exact job I wanted, with the right pay and hours, walking distance from my house, only to turn it down. The perfect job, at my feet, came to me! A gift from the universe, but was it meant to be? It was a hard decision, but I realized that it wasn’t on the true path for my life’s purpose. I could no longer ignore my inner voice. The universe will deliver to you what you want, since we do have free will. However, we are here to align with our true life’s mission. Once on that path, the universe will open those doors for you, too. Taking that job might have been fulfilling financially, and pleased my family and society, but did it please my heart? The answer was, “no.”

– Take time to journal about what truly makes you happy. Ask yourself if your desires are coming from your egoic side or your higher self? Are you truly living your life? If not, what are you waiting for? What are you living for? What are your deepest desires? If you could do anything, what would it be? When you visualize the highest you (powerful, happy, blissful and passionate) what are you doing?

2.) Focus on your desires!

– Surround yourself with reminders. The law of manifesting or attraction simply aligns your flow of energy with the right path. That’s why vision boards work so well by aligning your daily thoughts with the vibration of what your desires really are. Place pictures, notes, and quotes all around you. Reading and looking at them throughout your day keeps you focused and in equal responsibility with what it is that you really want. Also, know that the universe will deliver but you need to be there and take the right steps, answer the call, deliver the goods, etc. You can’t sit on your ass expecting a career or the vacation of your dreams to come knocking at your door. (Although it has been known to happen).

– Start your mornings off right: Instead of grabbing your coffee to go and eating in the car as your listen to your morning radio show, sit! Start your day off by sitting down with your goals and intentions, maybe your breakfast too, and get your focus on for the day. Incorporate a healthy routine into your mornings, make it a ritual. Start with morning meditation, nice soothing music, or with affirmations instead of worrying about your day. Sure you need to plan, but coming from a soft place of bliss will make planning your day much clearer.

3.) Speak to the universe!

– Ask for help and guidance. Get into a place of sacred space, and connect to your higher self. Call upon your guides, guardian angels, God, Goddesses, archangels, elders, ancestors, and/or the elementals, to guide and support you on your path. Ask for help to make healthy choices, to see clearly the correct path and for guidance to meet the right people to help you along your way.

– Visualize: Show the universe what you want. Words are powerful for keeping you in the now and focused on what you want. But visualizing is the next step and an even higher form of communication with the universe. If you are looking for a mate, house, money or job; visualize, visualize, visualize! Send the universe pictures of what you want. See yourself laughing and dancing and twirling with a new mate, see your house close to the beach with a beautiful garden. See yourself meeting people who will help you achieve your dreams. See your vision with light all around.

– Feel: Next, is stepping into the feeling of having accomplished your dreams. This is the next highest vibration you can send out for your manifestations. See it, smell it, feel it, and send it from your heart! If this is something that truly makes your heart sing, then sing your desires like music from your heart.

Step into bliss: Bliss is the highest state of vibration possible for humans. To be in a state of bliss is the closest state to being angelic that humans can achieve. Manifesting from this state for your well-being and the world’s is the best gift we can offer. This truly is magic.

Having gratitude for everything, seeing the Divine in all things and vibrating pure love, are your doorways into bliss. Start by being thankful for everything you can think of… start with your toes, your fingers, your breath, your heartbeat; be thankful for everything you have, everything you are, everything that is!

Feel your entire being fill with the greatest feelings of love and light. Feel your vibration soaring. See your heart pulsing out love with every beat sending expanding ripples into the world.

Vibrating in this state heals your body, and sends light and love out into the universe with the largest flashlight possible.

This is your offering, your sacrifice (something sacred) to the universe. Offerings strengthen all rituals by honoring the law of giving and receiving. Energy that you send out comes back to you. Whatever you are wanting more in your life, give to others as your offering.

– Don’t worry about analyzing what you do not want. Many new-agers believe assessing something that makes you unhappy or unhealthy increases the attraction to you.  Do not fear this step! Be real, assess, set boundaries, then step back into the flow of what you want. If you are in a place that doesn’t feel right, make a list all the things that are good about it, then step into that place of peace and happiness from there. Then, if you are still unhappy, make changes or choose to get out. There are lessons everywhere, sometimes the hardest is knowing when it’s time to leave, to get out, and move on to healthier choices that are more in tune with your life’s purpose.

– Don’t be a jealous beotch. Jealousy can be a blessing if you choose. If you ever catch yourself wishing you had what someone else does, look at this as a gift. What is it that the other person has that you envy? Don’t waste your precious energy, thoughts, and manifesting power sending them daggers of negative energy. Instead, honor them for achieving something special and for showing you something that you want to add into your manifestations. Celebrate your path and theirs, and get to work.

4.) Closing a manifestation ritual has as much power, if not more, than all the rest of the steps.

– Believe, give thanks, and give it to God. Believing is a powerful act to bring in your desires. Often times, our feelings vacillate from thinking about what we want, to the fear of not getting them. Our brains try to figure out every detail out, weighing all the options, and planning. Being in a state of obsessive thinking keeps your desires tied up and is a waste of precious energy.

It is not our job to figure everything out! It is our job to ask. See your visions surrounded by light and being carried off by your guides into the heavens, and let them go. Give it to God and believe in your heart that your desires have been heard. Trust that the universe will deliver your dreams at the perfect time that is best for you and everyone else’s highest good.

– Look for signs. The universe has heard you and is now sending you clues to help you along in your journey. Look all around you for signs and clues. Even ask out loud if you are supposed to go one way or another. Then listen, and watch. Signs will come to you in magical ways.

With Warmest Aloha, Starlight,

and all my Love,



Annalisa Robusto is from Encinitas, and is currently living in the islands of Hawaii after selling her car, quitting her job as a math teacher and deciding to travel and live her life.  She is currently learning sustainable living practices and Hawaiian shamanism while writing and running Goddess circles.  You can find her blog here.


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