July 26, 2012

The Story of How the World Was Made By a Bird. ~ Jenny Lyons

Silk descends from an eloquent place

where movement orbits the sounds

of an amber-colored flame


the life and times of a whistle in the wind

are more than a world can be

and the scrip-scrappin’ sweetness

that swirls from the sparrow’s wings

are she spirals down from the serenity of stars

is a song that she sings of the story of how

planets formed like diamonds

and i could tell you a secret, indeed i can say

that then and there she formed you and i

together–from water and clay and wind from the sky

we came from the rocks

for the earth to display


and your hands—oh your hands—

your strong, blistered hands—

she carved them from wood

and smoothed them with sand


and she held them firm

and she kissed them with grace

and she put you in a capsule of feathers

and she kissed you goodbye

and she spun from space

with a tear in her eye


we walk with the dead and we cover ’em in lace

sucking starlight and stories from their white-washed daze

and boppity-bee–we float like a feather

we cook pancakes and roll in dewy grass

like fluffy dandelion children.



a sparrow spiraled to the gravelly ground

and the wind wasn’t enough

to stop the sound

of silk descending from an eloquent place

where movement stops the song

of time and space.



 Jenna Lyons is a student of English at the University of Montana. She is a wildland firefighter on a Hotshot crew in the summers, and a fitness instructor during the winters. She is an avid writer, painter, runner, cyclist, and climber. She loves to wake up and greet the sun on the deck with yoga and coffee. She loves solitude, laughter, ketchup, crosswords, old lady walks, ugly floral prints, tea, and strumming guitars.



Editor: Hayley Samuelson

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Read 3 comments and reply

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