The Tao of Breaking Bad.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 2, 2012
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10 Scenes: the hard-won Wisdom of Walter White.

That is how I live my life. Never give up control.

I am the one who knocks:

Protect yours (with minimal fighting) against bullies, even if everyone thinks you’re a big wimp:

Know your mind: this is confidence. When confronted by threat, go all Dog Whisperer…on people (meaning, relaxed but assertive).

Die on your own terms (live on your own terms):–A

Good clothes make you want to sit up, be powerful:

Know your rights (and pay the consequences of those who don’t respect them):

When you repeatedly run into a douchebag douching on others, slow him down:

Fear of Death is fundamental. Old habits die, however, in the face of our waking up to this fear:

What makes us human can’t be known.



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5 Responses to “The Tao of Breaking Bad.”

  1. Willaim F'ing Space says:

    If you’re addicted to Breaking Bad you Need to pick up Pronoia – by the author of Freewill Astrology and quit romancing Anything that has Anything to do with what only the Nazi’s have considered a superdrug. Your whole it almost doesn’t matter how many paychecks away from homelessness home is an indicator that if mistakes can be made, and they can, and you are vulnerable and you are then there is almost no necessarily protecting anyone you love against this menace you’re glorifying and glossing over like a perfect coincidence from your goddess. Suck it up. Face it. Evil does exist. If you watch this show you are a part of the problem – not the solution. \ Grow up

  2. William Space says:

    if this came from one the most 100 influential people in health and fitness a lot of people need to get off of their asses.

    Many are called. Few stand up. – sanskrit proverb

  3. Arfology says:

    You're a couple years late on this one 😉
    You'll soon learn that Walter has little, if none, "spiritual" aspects about him. His redeeming characteristics will shrink. The "tao" of breaking bad is ridiculous, but breaking bad is awesome.

  4. Manufacture crystal meth? Lie to everyone in your life? Poison children when you can use it to manipulate people?
    Are you sure you've actually watched this show?

  5. Believe it or not, it's possible to watch a show without making a hero of its protagonist (as Waylon, unfortunately, does, above).