July 7, 2012

When We Said Forever, I Guess We Meant It.

Oh f*. What a day today was, don’t you think? I hope you don’t mind me sharing a view into our life with the world. I guess you don’t, having complained about only getting one paragraph in the friend article. Haha, anyway… This is for you Lindsay, and for everyone else that doesn’t mind me airing a little fresh, clean laundry.

Today when we were eating lunch together with Devin at Gjelina, trying not to pay too much attention to Luke Wilson, it all clicked.

I mean, it wasn’t just how when you were calling home to your neighbors, worrying about Whiskey the cat being missing, and I calmly, and only once said, “do you really think you need to worry about that cat? He’s the most badass cat I know, do you want to put bad energy out there?” You stopped worrying and moved on, and we had fun.

It wasn’t just that you were able to tell me that I was rude to the waiter, and I thanked you, realizing I was so business-like that I wasn’t at all thinking about his feelings, only getting a glass for your water.

More-so it was when Brokedown Palace came on the radio, and you and me bust out singing together, embarrassing Devin just a little bit and causing Luke Wilson to have to try to not pay too much attention to us.

Considering how central the Dead were in our relationship, as well as the meaning the track just inherently has, we did a pretty darn good job of keeping our composure until Jerry sang “lovers come and go, the river roll, roll, roll—fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell, listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul,” when we both started crying at the same exact time.

And you gave me your napkin to wipe my tears and comforted me in a way that I accepted, like I never really did before.  And Devin was totally fine with our emotional display—he seems awesome, and awesome for you, by the way.

That was so beautiful.

We told each other we’d love one another forever.

I don’t think we lied.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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